Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Just shut up and take it.

Because 'they' have an agenda.

And ha! It doesn't include you!

America's Sanctuary City Nightmare:

300 sanctuary cities blocked federal agents from deporting more than 17,000 criminal aliens from January 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015; of that population, 68 percent had a prior criminal history

California One Step Closer To Becoming A Sanctuary State

California's latest effort to thwart ICE is a doozy

Dem Rep: Defunding Sanctuary Cities Is Like ‘Putting a Gun to the Head of Americans’

How 'Sanctuary Cities' Are Helping Immigrants Outwit ICE

If we don't let in Muslims to America, they'll kill us

Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Sanctuary City Order Raised $200,000 for Obama

Judge who halted Trump’s immigration order has done pro bono work for refugees

"Kate's Law," named in honor of young woman killed in California by an illegal who had been deported FIVE times and an effort to fix part of our broken immigration system, passes U.S. House, but most Democrats oppose

LA, Chicago and New York vow to defy Trump over city de-funding

LL101: Rules for them, rules for us

Maryland seeking to become sanctuary state despite Sessions' vow to withhold funding to cities and states that defy federal laws

NJ Supreme Court doesn't want immigration law enforced in place of law

Prosecute the Sanctuary Secessionists

Sanctuary cities are refusing to detain illegals that have committed crimes, are freeing violent criminal illegals back into communities

Sanctuary city cops refused to release these images of an illegal immigrant accused of rape

Sanctuary Cities Release 65 Criminal Aliens Wanted by ICE

Sanctuary Travis County, Texas Released 142 Criminal Illegal Aliens In Just One Week, Says ICE

Sanctuary Cities Vow to Make ‘1 Million Immigrants’ Citizens to Oppose Trump

Sanctuary cities and states have seceded from the Union

Sanctuary City NYC Released Illegal Alien with Felony Charges

“So-Called Judges” Try To Mandate American Dispossession. Resist Or Die!

The Judicial Coup Against President Trump

Video: When President Clinton said what President Trump said about illegal immigrants