Friday, July 14, 2017


Attorney Defending NYT in Palin Defamation Suit Claims “Honest Mistake”; however, Palin just might win

Bolton: Every Time You Hear North Korea Think of Iran

Comey is using the Clinton defense that 'No memo given to me was marked ‘classified'” but The Hill is reporting that the leaked information was classified, and 'in gross and direct violation of FBI rules and regulations'

Document dump from FBI's criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of highly classified materials reveals secrets

Everybody is forgetting that Clinton allies did the same thing as Don Jr. and that Obama Held Secret Talks With Iran, Syria Weeks Before Election

Far Left Activists Applaud Speech Comprised Entirely of Hitler Quotes

Global pedophile network taken down by Trump claims expert

Hawaii judge (and longtime ally of Obama) waters down Trump's travel ban, claims ban does not apply to "grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins of persons in the United States"

Insider Stole DNC Data Five Days Before Seth Rich Murder

Jesus Painting being investigated as a ‘Hate Crime’

Krauthammer: Trump's Warsaw speech best yet, but antithesis to Inaugural

Loretta Lynch Plot Thickens As New Details Emerge Of Her Dealings With The Hillary Campaign

Most Unusual (And Significant?) Solar Eclipse In U.S. History Will Happen Next Month On August 21

New York Post Calls Out Anti-Cop Mayor DeBlasio With EPIC Front Cover

Obama: still on apology tour, and still violating the Logan Act

President Trump’s Remarkable Warsaw Speech

Quest for Israeli-Palestinian deal made easier by Trump's close ties to Israel

Report shows staggering number of leaks under Trump compared to Obama, Bush

Striking reason why the U.S. just spent a record $429 billion in just one month

Tebow and Kaepernick Both Took a Knee on the Field! Different Purposes and VERY Different Results!

U.S. Army says female soldiers must remain silent and may not cover themselves if a male soldier claiming to be female undresses in front of them

VA Secretary: Agency Should be 'Open' to Medical Marijuana to Help Vets

Washington and Berlin are on a collision course

x-Attorney General Holder Sends Ominous Late Night Tweet To "Career DOJ/FBI" Employees

Yellen, CPI and Retail Sales

Zuckerberg States Commitment to Universal Basic Income Following Alaska Trip