Thursday, June 8, 2017


Too bad.

Aggie Professor: “White People May Have to Die” to Solve Racism

Berkeley Gives Awards To Illegals Who Suggest “Beating the $hit Out of White People”

BLM Supporter Defends Excluding White People From Memorial Day Celebration

Class at Hunter College Entitled “Abolition of Whiteness” Satisfies Political Science Requirement

College students report being looked at by white person as bias incident

Feminists in 'Women's March' angry that white female police officer found not guilty in shooting death of black suspect, claims ALL white women are violent

No Whites Allowed in Cafe at American University

NSA Leaker: ‘Being White Is Terrorism’

Students at Evergreen demand that all whites leave campus, threaten violence if they don't comply

Students at Pomona College demand administrators rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white

Students Now Claim Louisiana State University’s Tiger Mascot is ‘Racist’ and ‘White Privilege’

Texas professor blames “white privilege and white racism” for law cracking down on sanctuary cities

University Of Chicago “Students Of Color” Demand Racially Segregated Orientation

University of Hawaii professor declares that all white male professors should resign and their positions given to women of color and transgenders

University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Govt Chair: “All White People Are Racist”

What Happens When the Wrong Color Woman Asks “Teens” Not to Make So Much Noise

White restaurant owners forced to close business in Oregon for selling burritos, bullied by Leftists for 'cultural appropriation'

Yale dean leaves Yelp reviews calling people ‘white trash’