Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Yesterday's blog post listed several links of the UK being anti-Israel and anti-Jew.

Well, unfortunately, America's nose isn't too clean either . . .

particularly from 'the Left.'

Anti-Defamation League Blames Trump Supporters for Anti-Semitism Rise

‘Bloodied’ Israeli Flag Prominently Featured at University of Illinois Anti-Trump Rally

Brooklyn College Administration Among “Top Ten College Administrations Most Friendly to Terrorists and Hostile to the First Amendment"; these campuses provide financial and institutional support to terrorist-linked campus organizations such as the Hamas-funded hate-group Students for Justice in Palestine while actively suppressing speech critical of Israel’s terrorist adversaries and their allies in the United States

Dartmouth Announces Linda Sarsour Lecture, Days After Refusing to Co-Sponsor Event Featuring Israeli Soldier

Dartmouth Appoints Anti-Semitic Terrorist Enabler As Its New Dean

David Horowitz talks about the rising tide of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic extremism on college campuses on Global Jewish Channel

DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist

Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown promotes “religious discrimination” against Jews

Leftist Trump Hater Arrested for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Community Centers

Louis Farrakhan Denounces Jews at Nation of Islam Event

New York Times claims Western Wall became holy to Israel only after 1967

Texas Pre-School Muslim Teacher Removed From Classroom After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’

Texas Public High School Reportedly Teaches Students That Israel Was to Blame for Outbreak of 1948 War of Independence

This must be the softer side of Sears

'Tis the season for anti-Semitism at CUNY

UC-Berkeley: Promoting Jew-hatred and Terrorism; “Let it be known that we here at Berkeley support the Intifada.”

Whitewashing Leftist Anti-Semitism, The Washington Post's peculiar "exposé" on campus Jew-hatred