Thursday, May 18, 2017


Political turmoil:

Big drama thrashin' around in the swamp yesterday, no? An enraged Democrat took to the House floor to call for President Trump to be impeached. Trump's crime?


Dem Rep. Al Green Officially Calls For Trump’s Impeachment From House Floor

Then, a special prosecutor was named to investigate Trump's 'possible' ties to Russia.

Former FBI Director Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe


During Obama's 8 years we had Holder's Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner's targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups, Obama's mega-billion payments to Iran for ransom unknown reasons (no one ever made him explain), Obama's targeting of FOX journalist James Rosen, Obama's withholding federal funds from public schools unless they allowed men in women's restrooms, Obama's and Holder's refusal to enforce federal marriage laws, Obama's contemptible treatment of Israel, the Clinton's foundation, not to mention Benghazi, and not a single special prosecutor named?

Them swamp creatures really be hatin' on Trump.

All this as Trump is getting ready to head to Israel.

The President goes to Israel

JPost notes Trump will be in Israel May 22:

Trump to be in Israel May 22

Interestingly, within 48 hours of Trump's Israel visit, the House has a hearing scheduled to look at another issue -- Trump and Comey:

House Oversight Committee Sets May 24 For Hearing If Trump Interfered In FBI Probe, Will Call Comey To Testify

We now know that Trump apparently will not make any announcement concerning the U.S. embassy moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on this trip even though that was a key promise from Trump during his campaign.

White House: No Plans to Announce Embassy Move During Israel Visit

I thought the juxtaposition of that news along with Mueller was interesting in this screen capture from Drudge, dated May 17:

Economic turmoil:

Lots of economic turmoil as Trump readies for his trip and tries to keep on top of these 'scandals.'

Bank of China ATMs Go Dark As Ransomware Attack Cripples China

Carmageddon: All 3 Major Auto Markets Contract YoY For The First Time Since January 2009

Congress Is Coming After Your 401(k)

Connecticut State Capital Prepares For Bankruptcy Amid Collapse In Hedge Fund Revenue

Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: The Top 25 U.S. Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives

Gregory Mannarino: Price of All Assets is Fake, They Want to Destroy Trump and America

Housing market is literally the exact same as before the 2007-2008 crash

Panic! Like It’s 1837

PANIC As Wells Fargo Makes Dramatic Move – Prepares For MASSIVE Crash!

Retail Bloodbath: Macy's Crashes After Woeful Results, Drags All Department Stores Lower

The Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump Impeachment Talk Reaches A Fever Pitch On Capitol Hill

'The Everything Bubble': Why The Coming Collapse Will Be Even Worse Than The Last

The Fallout from WannaCry

The Worst Retail Cataclysm Ever: Sears Warns It Is On The Verge Of Collapse As Payless Prepares To File For Bankruptcy

Visualizing Who Holds U.S. Debt Internationally

Severe weather turmoil:

Millions of us under the gun for extreme severe weather today and tomorrow.

Severe weather outbreak, intense tornadoes to rip through Kansas to Texas