Tuesday, May 23, 2017


1-minute space painting

‘Alien’ movie seemed like a lot of fun…until I found Satan was behind the script

Ancient Babylonian Tablet Provides Compelling Evidence that the Tower of Babel DID Exist

Business Insider: 'The Machine' is a newfangled computer that's unlike any other in the world

Daily Mail: The Large Hadron Collider finds 'intriguing anomalies' that could rewrite the rules of physics

Earth-sized telescope set to snap first picture of a black hole

Eight Cave Paintings depicting Aliens

Eminent Astrophysicist Issues a Dire Warning on AI and Alien Life

Fomorians In Irish Myths And Legends: Race Of Demonic Giants Who Inhabited Ireland And Scotland

Found: Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier

Have Remnants Of CLOUDEATER Structures Also Been Found In Siberia? Staggering 120-Ton Dragon And Griffin Megaliths “Created By Mysterious Ancient Culture”

Human DNA Will Be Synthesized Into “Something Else” Within 5 Years Says Prominent Geneticist As Mankind Rushes Headlong Into Days Of Noah

Millions of atoms entangled in record-breaking quantum tests

Mysterious dwarf village in Iran

Observing the Magellanic Bridge between galaxies, and something massive coming out of Uranus

Remembering Sue Bradley: Secrets of the Black Awakening – Part One

Scientists Preparing A Quantum Test That Could Verify The Human Mind Is “Immaterial” And Capable Of Functioning With “Free Will” Beyond The Purview Of Standard Physics

The Register: CERN ready to test an EVEN BIGGER gun; Linac 4 will pump more energy into LHC's proton smasher

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Athena' CIA Spying Program Targeting All Versions of Windows