Monday, May 22, 2017


President Trump is in Israel today.

Trump Flight from Saudi to Israel Thought to Be First Ever

Trump Becomes First Sitting US President to Visit Western Wall

Tillerson: 'The wall is part of Jerusalem'

Patriot Retort notes 'the contrast' between Obama and Netanyahu and Trump and Netanyahu.

Another Study in Contrasts



Blue State Blues: Obama Fired McChrystal for Less Than Trump Fired Comey

Comey and the Clintons: A Perspective

Comey Testimony on Clinton’s ‘Intent’ in Email Case Triggered Firing; FBI agents angered at FBI director's lenient handling of email probe

Former Bush AG On Comey’s 2007 Brush With Scandal: ‘Jim’s Loyalty Was More To Chuck Schumer’ - This isn't the first time James Comey placed himself at the center of a partisan attempt to oust a top Republican. He did the same thing in 2007.

Jason Chaffetz, Comey-Probing Congressman, announces early resignation from politics

Judicial Watch Congratulates President Trump For Firing James Comey

Rosenstein knew Trump planned to fire Comey

The Russians are Coming . . . And they’re going to be the undoing of the Birchers in today’s Democratic Party

Trump cans Comey like a boss

Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State

Washington Reporter Jack Posobiec Says: Comey Dropped Rice Investigation, Because He Would Be Incriminated

x-DOJ spokesman: Comey is trying to take down Trump

x-FBI Assistant Director: James Comey ‘Threw the Reputation of the FBI Under the Bus'

And this from that awesome cartoonist Branco:


Before Lois Lerner targeted the Tea Party, she helped The Clinton Foundation

(Before Stephen Colbert targeted Donald Trump, he also helped the Clinton Foundation)

Judge: Lois Lerner's tea-party targeting testimony can stay secret for now


Gowdy Indicates More To Tarmac Meeting Between Clinton/DOJ Than We Know

Trey Gowdy Hints At a Much Bigger Scandal Involving the Clintons and Obama’s DOJ