Tuesday, May 9, 2017


FBI Investigating Radical Terrorists in All 50 States as Threats Hit Peak

Alaska: magnitude 6.3 in Alaska is the first major quake of May and the 26th of 2017

Alaska: 45 significant quakes in 24 hrs -- Is 'Big One' imminent on West Coast?

Arizona: Sawmill Fire becomes one of Southern Arizona's largest wildfires in recent memory

Arkansas: state hit by historic flooding, levee fails at town of Pocahontas deluging the town

California: Weather phenomenon 'bombogenesis' devastates parts of state in February

Colorado: One of the worst snow storms in Colorado's history kills thousands of cattle bringing staggering losses to ranchers

Colorado: says 'yes' to assisted suicide (RT)

Florida: state is failing in its war against Burmese pythons, considering hiring python hunters

Florida: Red tide has returned to parts of Florida's coast

Florida: 10,000 homes evacuated from Florida as fires caused by crippling drought conditions has destroyed nearly 100,000 acres this year

Florida: Supreme Court overturns law requiring waiting period before abortion

Florida: "glitch" causes healthcare company to empty many customers' bank accounts of thousands of dollars by withdrawing monthly premiums multiple times

Hawaii: state confirms 9 rat lungworm cases; researchers seek funding to combat ‘epidemic’

Illinois: rare, deadly tornadoes strike in February

Maryland: bill (HB 365) would teach kids that boys are presumed guilty in rape accusations

Maryland: Liberal Double Standard on Rape

Missouri: state hit by historic flooding in May

New Hampshire: bill could open church restrooms to 'transgenders'

New Jersey: 1000s of dead fish wash up on Jersey shore, cause unknown

New York: record rainfall hits state, floods subway lines

North Carolina: Muslim charged with threatening non-Muslims, had AK-47 and ammo

North Carolina: slow-moving storm causes major flooding

South Carolina: Baseball-size hail pummels parts of the state in March

South Dakota: New Form Of Bovine Tuberculosis Found In Cattle

Texas: Violent wedge tornado hits Canton, Texas, at least 5 dead and over 50 injured

Washington: State’s Supreme Court Forces Florist to Violate Religious Beliefs