Monday, April 17, 2017


America vs. Anti-America

Anonymous Vandal Calls for Beheading, Lynching of Berkeley College Republicans

Black-clad, masked thugs at Berkeley attack pro-Trump supporters

Berkeley hates free speech

Black College President Attacked As ‘Overseer’ Of ‘Trump Plantation’ Following Meeting At White House

Campus anti-Semitism on the rise

Catholic university employee suspended for ‘denying transgenderism’

College Student Claims He Was Suspended for Challenging Muslim Professor’s Teaching That Jesus Wasn’t Crucified

Devastating Consequence of Denying that All Lives Matter

Drexel University Professor Calls for Death of White Americans

Fresno State Cancels Lecturer’s Classes After Breitbart News Report on ‘Trump Must Hang’ Tweet

Hispanic student at Villanova smears white classmate who picked up her dropped pencil as a racist

Leftist bullies angry that Chick-fil-A sandwiches are invading their safe spaces on campus grounds

Liberals, what are you teaching your kids?

Metastasizing Academic Cancer

Not Attracted to Someone? You May Be a 'Casual Racist'

Seething Mob Shuts Down Speech by Pro-Cop Writer Heather Mac Donald as Event Turns Violent

University 'educates' students about white privilege

University student kills self after being punished for “homophobic slurs” after rejecting advances from homosexual student

University of Michigan Nixes Resolution Defending Freedom of Speech

Wellesley College student newspaper endorses violence against unpopular speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs to accepted progressive norms, saying “then hostility may be warranted"

When will the Left come for you?

Who's unsafe on college campuses? Social justice warriors wield brass knuckles