Thursday, April 6, 2017


Impact: a forceful contact that can cause change

(Note: These links do not include terror attacks, terror threats, riots, sexual assaults or killings, or events in Germany, which, incidentally, had enough events to have its own post.)

Church services have been disrupted, mosques are increasing and Christian churches are closing:

Asylum seeker in Austria storms nativity play in church and begins shouting verses from the Koran

Italian priest cancels cemetery nativity scene because it could offend Muslims

Security Guards at Church Services in Sweden As ‘New Clientele’ Defecate, Masturbate in Pews

In 10 Years, Italy 'Will All Be Muslims Because of Atheism, a Weak Church, and Stupidity,' Archbishop Warns

Freedom to express opposing views or disapproval are being lost:

How citizens in the Netherlands were forced to lose their freedoms in order to protect Islamists

Marine Le Pen Stripped Of EU Parliament Immunity For Tweeting Pictures Of Islamic State Violence

Swedish Police Officer Who Spoke out on Migrant Crime Now Under Investigation for Racial Hatred

Muslims are refusing to accept and assimilate into host countries and are instead demanding caliphates:

Islamists Plotting to Establish Caliphate in Austria, Raids Reveal

More than a thousand Muslims take to London streets chanting 'Allahu Akhbar,' demand Islamic caliphate

UK Imam: “Allah Has Given Us This Country And Every Knee Will Bow At The Name Of Allah”

The Islamization of Britain in 2016

Identitarian youth movement places full face veil on one of Vienna’s most well known statues to protest what they see as the Islamisation of Austria

Islam, Not Christianity, Is Saturating Europe; Everywhere in Europe there are signs of a takeover

Londonistan: 423 New Mosques, 500 Closed Churches

New Cases of FGM Reported Every Hour in UK

Muslims set to get their first mosque in Greece since last of the Ottomans driven out in 1833

Citizens are afraid to walk their own streets at night, and some have even lost their own neighborhoods and are not allowed in, some are leaving cities where migrants are being housed:

Town in the heart of Bosnia where ONLY Arabic can be spoken and Arabs can live

Sweden's Malmö City population growing solely because of influx of Muslim migrants

Reporter goes into Muslim No-Go Area in Sweden, gets beaten by 5 migrants

Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs Due to Islamic Fundamentalists

Sweden is diverting funds from helping its own citizens into paying for Muslim migrant costs instead:

Sweden Evicts Disability, Dementia Groups to Make Way for Migrants

Muslim migrants will cost Sweden fourteen times more than the country’s defense budget

School systems are being overloaded:

Teachers in Sweden quitting because of overload of Muslim migrants increasing in schools

Muslims Outnumber Christians in More than 30 Church Schools

Some citizens who would have never considered owning a gun are now buying weapons to protect themselves:
Czech Government Fears Muslim "Super-Holocaust", Urges Citizens To Shoot Them Yourselves

‘Insecurity’ Drives Soaring Number of Belgians to Apply for Gun Licenses

The EU has threatened some countries with repercussions if they don't take more migrants:

European Union Tells Hungary and Poland To Accept Mass Migration Or Leave

EU Threatens Nations Not Resettling Migrants From Italy and Greece Fast Enough

Because migrants are arriving daily:

550 African Migrants Arrive in Italy in Single Day

Coastguard Brings 1,700 Migrants to Italy in 24 Hours

And more, a lot more, appear to be on the way:

Leaked Report: Six Million Migrants Want To Enter Europe

Or possibly 10 million

No, wait . . . make that 20 million