Friday, April 7, 2017



Unusually strong storm takes aim at California, Oregon and Washington


ACADEMIA: The New Gestapo

Broken America

China Unveils New Drone-Killing Weapons

Donald Trump Has Just Committed The United States To A Disastrous War In Syria

EU Prez Juncker Threatens ‘Texit’ as Revenge for Trump’s Brexit Support

Fauxcahontas have big words bout equal pay but pay her squaws less wampum

Grassley Sends Second Letter To FBI Director Comey Asking Why FBI Was Involved With Paying Research Firm For Trump/Russia Dossier

Here’s Why Italy’s Banking Crisis Has Gone Off The Radar

IDI, the company that has built a profile on every American adult

Judge Orders Google To Hand Over Data On Anyone Who Searched For A Certain Name

K-12: Fog and Fuzziness

Lesbian with ‘wife’ and two kids selected to lead U.S. Air Force Academy

Mumps Making a Comeback in 2017 as Vaccination Rates Decline

N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper signs repeal of law that protects women and children from male predators in public restrooms to satisfy LGBT constituents

OBAMA LEGACY: Worst Economic Growth Of All 13 Post-WWII Presidents

Polls show declining defense of Roe v. Wade

Quake in Botswana raises eyebrows, magnitude 6.5 struck in an area more than 2,000 miles from a fault line in any direction and has almost no previous quake history

RussiaGate: Hillary Clinton and John Podesta's Troubling Ties to Russia

Susan Rice Ordered "Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls" With Trump Team claims reporter

The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Surveillance State Is Almost Complete

US strikes military base in Syria with 60 Tomahawk missiles in response to deadly chemical attack

VPN in 10 minutes for free (and why you urgently need one)

WikiLeaks Reveals "Marble": Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic...

Xi, Trump 'navigate minefield' at first summit

Yellowstone update

Zuckerberg's Facebook appeal over New York search warrants fails