Thursday, March 2, 2017


Prayer need:

Christian bakers shut down get their day in court today


4 Chicago Teens In Custody After Broadcasting Kidnap Of Trump-Supporter Live On Social Media

11-Year-Old Docked Points for Not Bashing Trump

Actor, Wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Attacks Under Armour CEO for Trump Support

Beauty company doesn't want Trump supporters buying its products

California Community College suspends student who recorded professor’s anti-Trump rant

College Warns Against Recording in Class After Prof's Anti-Trump Rant Goes Viral

Elderly Staffer Knocked Unconscious by Anti-Trump Protesters

Hawaii Restaurant Bans Trump Voters: "You Cannot Eat Here! No Nazis."

If You Admit That You Are A Trump Supporter, It May Cost You Your Job

Kellogg’s ‘Real Target’ Is Trump and His Supporters

Left labels Trump supporter Tom Brady 'a Nazi' after Super Bowl win

Maine Gas Distributor Won’t Deliver to Trump Supporters

Middle School Boy Beaten on the Bus for Wearing a Trump Hat

Ohio man suffers broken eye socket and damaged liver after being attacked for being a Trump supporter

Peaceful Leftists At UNC Promote Violence Against Trump Supporters

Tennessee Teacher Fired After Posting: “The Only Good Trump Supporter is a Dead Trump Supporter”

The alt-left’s cyber jihad against Trump and his supporters

Thug Pulls Assault Rifle on Trump Supporter Over MAGA Flag

And the Left hates those close to Trump:

Gay Refugee from Afghanistan Charged with Assault for Blocking Betsy DeVos

‘Republican’ CNN Pundit Goes After Trump’s Son-in-Law Jared Kushner on Twitter: ‘Little Jared’

Slate does not want Emily Ratajkowski defending Melania Trump

Left insults Melania Trump for reciting Lord's Prayer at campaign rally

Wealthy fashion designers refuse to dress Melania Trump

Stephen Colbert Depicts Stephen Miller’s Head on a Spike

Or in this case, if Trump merely acknowledges:

AWFUL: Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow Honored By Trump

Left Attacks Grieving Widow of Navy SEAL Following Trump’s Tribute during SOTU address

And the hate from the Left towards Mike Pence has been particularly vicious:

HBO Host John Oliver Tells Audience: In Wake of Trump Win, Donate to Planned Parenthood

In Pence's name, 72K abortion activists donate to PP

Planned Parenthood touts 20,000 donations ‘in honor of’ VP-elect Mike Pence

NY Lawmaker Proposes ‘PENCE’ Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy