Tuesday, March 21, 2017


CAIR leader calls for overthrow of US government

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Left Wing Activist Protesting Dakota Pipeline Wants To “Disintegrate” The United States “Off the Face Of The Earth”

'Leftist Fight Club' trains UCF students to fight Republicans

Leftists get eaten by their own monster

Lynch Mobs of the Left

Nearly 7 of 10 Dems believe Christianity as violent as Islam

Northwestern University Scholar: Christian Fundamentalism “More Dangerous” Than Islamic Terrorism

The Democrats Became The Party of Hate Tonight

The Left Holds Itself to Lower Standards of Behavior

This is what it looks like when you plan your own demise

University of Texas professor claims 90 percent of the population should be killed to save the earth

When Will The Left Come For You?

Your Vote (doesn’t) Matter! (satire video)

Well said:

"They are for free speech, but shut down anybody who disagrees with them, and, of course, ally themselves with Muslims who oppose freedom of speech and thought as part of their core dogma. They are against racism but try to stir up old racial animosities and conflicts that had long been resolved, buried, and forgotten. They are for poor working people, but oppose the tax and the regulatory structures that create jobs. They are for poor working people but favor unrestricted immigration that drives down wages, crowds out jobs, and absorbs the funds of public welfare schemes. They want free education for all, but oppose letting poor and middle class people have the right to choose their schools, unlike the rich people who do. They shout "Love Trumps Hate!" as they bash opponents with bricks and poles. They have spent decades denouncing the military, the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI as oppressors of the people, but now want those agencies to sabotage an elected president. The wealthy ones denounce gun ownership and walls but live behind protective shields of men with guns and walls around their exclusive properties. " --The DiploMad