Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Ask James Rosen and Angela Merkel about Obama Spying

Brazil Is Being Hit By The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever Experienced

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses

Donald Trump’s Boffo Speech to Congress; Politically and theatrically brilliant

Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated

Former AG Loretta Lynch Calls For More Marching, Blood, Death On Streets

Government Spooks Can Use The Mic And Camera On Trump’s Phone Even When He Thinks It Is Turned Off

Historic earthquakes discovered along San Andreas Fault

Iran is warning Trump to not disclose the secret agreements Obama made with them

Judicial Watch Sues to Discover Who Wiretapped Flynn

Keith Ellison's Islamic Agenda for Congress

Large Hadron Collider experiment gets 'heart transplant' (BBC)

March 21 Was The Worst Day For The Stock Market In 6 Months

North Korea Diplomat Warns Of "Major Escalation That Might Turn Into Actual War"

Of Course Big Brother Was Spying On Trump’s Calls – The Shocking Truth Is That They Spy On All Of Our Calls

Pope Francis dismantles the Vatican's pro-life academy

Quake risks in California from snowpacks and rising reservoirs is increasing warns geologist

Rev. Graham warns Disney Is Pushing 'LGBT Agenda' Into The 'Minds of Your Children

Scientists invent sound-shaping super-material

TSA Launches "Invasive" Pat-Downs With "More Intimate Contact Than Before"

University declares gravity to be “intolerant” … removes all weighing scales from the gym to avoid “triggering” snowflake students

Vault 7: Wikileaks releases CIA data dump

Why Dems will regret a probe into Russian election hacking

X marks The Beast - Taking a look at those Infinity car commercials

You Better Read The Fine Print On Your Credit Card Statement

Zhejiang PuTuo China: 10 tons of dead fish suddenly surfaced in a 2 hour period, cause unknown