Thursday, February 2, 2017


American morality: Down the slippery slope, over the cliff

California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution

Catholic university blasts ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ posters as ‘bigotry,’ bans them on campus

Children attending middle schools in Denver, CO are now being given access to extremely graphic sexual and homosexual pornography

Colorado says yes to assisted suicide

Don't Blame My Kid for Thinking Your Cross-Dressing Child Is Weird

Girl Scouts and PP team up for immoral sex ed

Left-wing media now pushing ‘pedophile rights’ as the next step in cultural insanity

Men who fantasize about sex with giants are using VR to fulfill that fetish

Middle-age man abandons wife and seven children so he can live as '6-year-old girl'

More Men Than Ever Want To Watch Their Wives And Girlfriends Have Sex With Other Men

New documentary claims porn is getting 'uglier and nastier' and because of easy access on Internet, more children and teens have access

New study shows over 100 instances of children using profanity and overt sexualized language on the big 4 networks with Disney-owned ABC having the most instances

NYT now arguing that pedophilia is not a crime… ‘love wins’ when adults prey on children

NYT now sympathizing with pedophiles; says our laws ‘fail them’

Paglia: ‘Transgender Mania’ is a Symptom of West's Cultural Collapse

Public high school launches club 'to support goals of Planned Parenthood'

Searches for 'VR' porn rise over Christmas

Senior U.S. Border Patrol Agent Arrested for Child Porn

Sesame Street Preaches Trans Politics to Parents

The Rise of Satanism