Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Oroville Dam:

Oroville Dam Update: Now that the water emergency is over, here’s some photos showing the damage caused by the spillway erosion

Oroville and Shasta Dams at stress point as early spring arrives bringing temperatures into the high 70’s to northern Cal causing massive snow melt

Oroville Dam Got No Obama Stimulus Funds for Repair in 2009

Suspicious Observers:

Forecast: The End of the Calm


Another massive weather bomb hits California: Flooding and road closures across San Diego County.


Boise, Idaho declared a state of emergency after a record-setting snowfall in early January

Violent Children, One as Young as 8, Suspected in Brooklyn Attack and Robbery

Authorities warn Devine, Texas residents asbestos found in their drinking water

Large tornado hits Hattiesburg, Mississippi leaving 4 dead

Third-Graders in Ithaca, N.Y., School Pressured to Become 'Freedom Fighters for Palestine'

ACLU sues Knightstown, Indiana for having cross on top of Christmas tree

Los Angeles Leads the Nation with Most Unsheltered Homeless People

75 Shot In New Orleans In January, Doubling Start To 2016

New Orleans Mass Tragedy at Parade as Truck Drives Through Crowds

New York City officials report the first ever case of bird flu spread from cat to human

New York City is in bad financial shape

Almost 200 students, faculty exposed to active TB in Omaha, Nebraska high school

Philadelphia Soda Tax Leads To 30-50% Plunge In Sales, Mass Layoffs

Thousands of birds dead from avian flu found in Sacramento

Severe weather, tornadoes damage over 100 buildings, injure several in San Antonio on Feb. 20

Rebel San Francisco P.D. Cuts Ties with FBI on Counterterrorism

Worst flooding in 100 years hits San Jose, California

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Extent Of San Jose Flooding

Mayor wants to make Syracuse Chicago Lite

Washington, D.C. Homeless # Doubles National Avg, Living Costs Soar to Record Highs

Washington, D.C., now sixth place in U.S. to officially legalize assisted suicide