Friday, January 13, 2017


So far so good this morning.

As we keep one eye on the P5+1's Iran nuclear deal and one eye on the upcoming 'peace' conference in Paris, would you like to know some of the disasters (and potential disasters) that have struck those countries involved in these two endeavors?

First this update to yesterday's post:

Nasa detects two space rocks heading towards Earth: A comet and an unknown object

Very bright fireball explodes just over Puerto Rico on Jan 12, 2016

JAN 2017:

California storms: Iconic Pioneer Cabin Tree collapse, insane water levels, huge avalanches, giant sinkholes and record snow

Millions in central U.S. could be affected by ice from winter storm Jupiter

Violent Winter Storm brings Austria to a standstill

Deadly cold leaves more than 20 dead as Icy temperatures hit Europe

33 dead in Europe this weekend as the bitter cold continues:Ten people died of cold in Poland on Sunday

The cold snap in Europe continues as parts of Russia drops to an incredible -53C

Europe in the grip of Arctic outbreak, hurricane-force winds hit Adriatic coast

Europe in deep freeze, over 60 dead as new Arctic blast arrives

The Avian Flu Epidemic: Massive Impact! Catastrophe waiting to happen as the disease explodes in Europe and Asia

Britain battered by another storm! Blizzard conditions more flooding and 100mph winds bring the UK to it's knees again

Life threatening' floods and a NINE FOOT storm surge as the entire East-Coast of Britain is on flood alert

Natural catastrophe losses in 2016 at their highest since 2012

DEC 2016:

Bird flu the silent killer is on the rise with millions of birds killed just in the last few days

Thick toxic smog clouds engulf London and Paris as health bosses issue pollution warnings to millions (The Mirror)

Russian Cargo Ship Headed For International Space Station Burns Up Above Siberia After Loss Of Contact

Paris choked by worst winter pollution in a decade
(gg note: This took place as Paris was getting ready to host another 'peace' conference but then postponed until Jan 15.)

UK set for more flooding next week causing devastation for some during Christmas

NOV 2016:

Dutch kill 190,000 ducks to contain bird flu outbreak

New mud volcsno appears just days after 6.6 rocks central Italy

Emergency investigation as Italian mountain develops huge crack after massive earthquake

Scientists concerned that ancient megavolcano is awakening beneath Italian city

Large and powerful tornado rips through Italy near Rome

OCT 2016:

6.6 earthquake rocks heart of Italy, Vatican shakes, 15,000 homeless

SEPT 2016:

Oklahoma rocked by strongest earthquake on record

AUG 2016:

Heat wave sparks anthrax outbreak in Russia’s northern Yamalo-Nenets region

Anthrax outbreak in Arctic Circle kills 1, sickens 71; reindeer die en masse

18 Major Flood Events Have Hit Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas Since March 2015

JULY 2016:

Warming temperatures release deadly anthrax outbreak in Russia

Thawed Reindeer Corpse May Have Triggered Russian Anthrax Outbreak

It killed 30–60% of Europe's total population: A ten-year old Siberian boy has contracted the bubonic plague

JUNE 2016:

Swollen River Feeds Flooding Near Houston as Residents Flee

Paris Flooding Reaches Highest Peak in Decades, Louvre Closes Down to Protect Art

Paris flooding: Seine is overflowing – Fear of Centennial (100-year) floods
City of Lights flooded: Paris, Seine River rises to highest level seen since 1982

(gg note: Paris flooding took place at the same time as Paris held its 'peace' conference on Israel.)

Floods apocalypse around the world in June 2016: USA, Mexico, Russia, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania
(gg note: the only P5 entity not named in this headline is the UK)

MAY 2016:

Severe flooding hits Baden-Wuerttemberg, southwestern Germany

Biblical floods in Braunsbach, Germany captured on video

Millions of locusts invade farms and devastate crops in Russia