Thursday, January 12, 2017


Winter storm Jupiter cometh:

Millions of us are under an ice storm warning for the next three days. Since Oklahoma City is on the outer edge of this system, I don't think we will experience the worst of it like people in Kansas will. Our prayers certainly need to be with them. As someone once said, 'winter is a terrible time to have an ice storm.'

With that in mind, if nothing is posted here at the blog by 10 a.m. tomorrow or Monday (or possibly Tuesday), you can assume I am having power issues or Internet issues and will be back as soon as possible.

In the past, when the U.S. has come up against Israel, we have had significant weather events. Since the 'peace' conference is scheduled for Sunday, this certainly appears to be one of those times.

People from Texas to Ohio are bracing for a long-duration ice storm that could turn destructive

Late-week ice storm may threaten dangerous travel, power outages in central US

Major storm hits California and Nevada, significant flooding expected

We are not the only ones facing brutal winter conditions. So is Europe.

JAN 5: Violent Winter Storm brings Austria to a standstill

JAN 7: Europe in the grip of Arctic outbreak, hurricane-force winds hit Adriatic coast

JAN 8: Deadly cold leave more than 20 dead as icy temperatures hit Europe

JAN 9: 33 dead in Europe this weekend as the bitter cold continues: Ten people died of cold in Poland on Sunday

JAN 10: The cold snap in Europe continues as parts of Russia drops to an incredible -53C

JAN 10: Intense cold and icy weather kills 2 in Greece, causes chaos on highways

JAN 11: Europe in deep freeze, over 60 dead as new Arctic blast arrives

Watching Mexico:

While I've been busy watching the upcoming January 15th peace conference, a friend in Mexico (Thank you, Robert!) has let me know that there have been some serious financial turmoil going on there.

JAN 6: It’s Beginning: Economic Micro-Riots Erupt in Mexico

JAN 10: The Mexican Peso is crashing (again) to record lows

JAN 11: Protests In Mexico Push Country To Brink Of Revolution And Nobody's Talking About It

JAN 11: Investors Bolt Mexico as Peso Enters Free Fall (Wall Street Journal)


Watching the heavens:

JAN 3: Two massive fireballs explode over Russia in loud booms

JAN 8: Navy satellite watching comet Honda approaching Earth

JAN 9: Earth was almost hit by an asteroid on Monday, and no one saw it coming

JAN 10: Jumbo asteroid has close shave with Earth

JAN 12: Michael Snyder: Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With The Threat Of A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

Side note: I've long believed David Wilkerson's Urgent Message of March 2009 might involve an approaching asteroid or comet, mainly because his message seems to indicate people all over the world will panic, grocery stores will be emptied in an hour, and he felt led to use the verse from Psalm 11 about 'snares,' which are 'burning coals.' It doesn't help any that the whole world is coming up against Israel on the 15th. I AM NOT SAYING ANYTHING WILL HAPPEN; SNARKY EMAILS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Just sharing a personal belief.