Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Since Jason A made this video about Donald Trump, I thought I would clean out my file of bookmarked articles about Trump.

5 Conspiracy theories that were proven to be true because Donald Trump ran for President

10 Ways That Donald Trump Could Try To Reverse The Curse That Obama Has Put On America

11 Numbers That Connect The Year 2017, Israel And Donald Trump

Anarchists Plan To Target Balls, Events And Trump Supporters All Over D.C. During Inauguration Week

Dilbert Creator Adams Exposes The Real Bully Party

Donald Trump Repeatedly Warned Anthony Weiner Was a National Security Risk

Donald Trump Was Born Exactly 700 Days Before Israel Became A Nation

Donald Trump Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On His First Full Day In Office

GASP!!! Trump obeyed the law?!? Crucify him!

Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration

Piers Morgan: It doesn’t matter what names the mainstream media call Trump – he says exactly what most Americans think, especially when it comes to Islamic terror

This is why they fear Trump

Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes

Trump's Jews and Obama's Jews

Welcome To One of The Most Pivotal Weeks In Modern American History

Will There Be War On The Streets Of Washington D.C. During The Inauguration On Friday?

WikiLeaks reveals Clinton wanted Trump to win Primary; feared the other GOP contenders