Friday, December 16, 2016


The global economy, according to many 'fiction peddlers'* is quite stressed. Cracks are appearing across multiple economies and 'legends' are warning to be careful where you step.

Could it be because, in part, of President Obama's lifting of economic sanctions off Israel's mortal enemy and allowing them to be flooded with cash from around the world?

Many critics of President Obama's Iran nuclear deal accuse Iran of being the leading sponsor of terrorism against Israel. Since Obama's deal allows for the lifting of economic sanctions off Iran, those critics assert that Iran, now flush with cash, will not only spend the money to speed up its nuclear program, but fund even more terrorism.

Iran is well known for paying cash rewards to the families of Palestinians who attack Israeli soldiers and citizens, and in some instances, Americans.

How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

Flush with Obama cash, Iran awards financial grants to families of Palestinian terrorists

Iran used Obama's ransom payments to purchase missiles with 'Death to Tel Aviv' on them

Report: $37.4 Million of Cash US Transferred to Iran Went to Terrorist Groups

US Paid Iran Another $1.3 Billion In Cash In Form Of Swiss Francs, Euros And Other Currencies

From Bad to Worse: Obama’s Ransom Payment to Iran is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Zumwalt: Obama Used ‘Fake News’ to Sell the Iran Nuclear Deal

This next article is interesting because of its mention of 'Euro banks' in its headline . . .

Obama administration, Euro banks and NY Fed laundered cash to Iran

because Euro banks have certainly been in the news.

Don't Look Now But The Most Systemically Dangerous Bank In The World Is Tumbling Again

Major Dollar Shortage Exposed In Europe As Deutsche Bank Contagion Spreads

Italian banks crash despite 'all clear' from EU stress test

Monte Paschi "Scrambles" With Last Minute Capital Increase To Avoid Nationalization

Bank of England Asks UK Banks To Detail Their Exposure To Deutsche And Italian Banks

Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Employees "Europe Is Endangered" After Italy Vote

JPMorgan, HSBC, Credit Agricole "Bank Cartel" Fined $521 Million For Euribor Rigging

Portugal Bond Yields Hover Near Brexit Highs As Bank Bosses Quit Ahead Of Bailout

Tesco Bank Halts Online Payments After Cash Taken Out Of 20,000 Accounts

Martin Armstrong: European banks looking to tax withdrawals from ATMs in effort to prevent bank runs

$31 million hacked from Russian banks

Panama Papers reveals “how a global industry led by major banks . . . secretly manages the estates of politicians, Fifa officials, fraudsters and drug smugglers, celebrities and professional athletes"

If Genesis 12:3 is true, and this writer believes it is, then the lifting of sanctions from Iran's economy was a curse for Israel because Iran is going to use its new flush of cash from around the world to advance its plans of destruction against Israel. It will use that cash to reward the families of terrorists in Israel who kill Israelis, it will use that cash to buy needed supplies and support materiel for the 'medical' centrifuges that are spinning away, and it will use that cash to buy the missiles ultimately needed to deliver the resulting 'medical' materiel to Israel.

Here are more warnings on the global economy:

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(gg note: Snyder points out that Italy is the world's 8th largest economy, Greece is the world's 44th largest, and so if Italian banks start to fail we have a much bigger problem on our hands than when we were concerned about Greece's economy)

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*If You Don't Agree With Obama You Are "Peddling Fiction"