Friday, December 23, 2016


This blog has been following events happening in those countries that pushed for President Obama's Iran nuclear deal believing that the blessing and curses of Genesis 12:3 are in play. If nations 'bless' Israel's mortal enemy Iran with cash and seek business opportunities with Iran in hopes of gaining financially, then those nations will suffer economic turmoil, turmoil that costs way more than the any benefit from the hoped-for business opportunities.

For instance, look at these examples:


JUNE 14: Iran Announces ‘Milestone’ Deal to Buy Boeing Planes

DEC 11: Iran seals deal with Boeing to buy 80 planes worth $16.6B

DEC 13: Iran says Boeing to provide financing for first six planes

DEC 14: Boeing-Iran deal called dangerous; critics concerned that since Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism (which is primarily against Israel), planes acquired from Boeing will be used to ferry supplies to terrorist groups that seek to destroy Israel

So we know that Boeing hopes to gain $16.6 billion in revenue from its sale of 80 planes to Iran. Let's look at these headlines:

The deal was announced JUNE 14. Look at this headline from JULY 27, Chicago Tribune:

Boeing reports first quarterly loss in nearly 7 years

"Charges totaling $3 billion before taxes, led to Boeing's first down quarter since the third quarter of 2009, when it lost $1.6 billion."

This headline from NOV 28, Los Angeles Times:

Boeing illegally given $5.7 billion in tax breaks by Washington State, WTO rules

And these two interesting intersections between Boeing and Donald Trump:

DEC 6: Trump Targets Boeing for 'Out of Control' Air Force One Costs; claims $4 billion for new Air Force One to costly, wants order canceled

DEC 13: Trump Must Stop the Boeing Deal with Iran; planes can be used for military purposes

DEC 13: Boeing faces China's wrath

"Boeing is China's largest single customer. Campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump could prompt the Chinese government to retaliate against Boeing, favoring Airbus for orders instead."

DEC 21: Boeing CEO Meets with Donald Trump: Promises to Deliver a Cheaper Air Force One

DEC 23: Trump pits Boeing against Lockheed Martin



APR 23: Swedish firms to work in Iran’s power sector

" . . . Swedish famous companies ABB and Ericsson, two prestigious firms in energy and electricity, would participate in Iran’s energy projects as transferring technology . . . "

Headline just 10 days earlier:

Sweden sees costs of migration crisis almost quadruple

"Sweden's Finance Minister . . . expects costs related to migration, such as providing accommodation and offering job training, will be close to (€6.1 billion) per year until 2020. The government had previously forecast (€1.6 billion) annually."

And from March 31:

"There are no more hotel beds at all." Sweden's tourism industry collapses as resorts become refugee centers."

And from February 20:

Muslim migrants will cost Sweden fourteen times more than the country’s defense budget

JUNE 1: Sweden Calls for Broadening of Bilateral Ties with Iran

"The Swedish foreign minister reiterated that after Tehran and the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) signed nuclear agreement in July 2015, the time is ripe for Iran and Sweden to expand all-out relations. . . . Iran was Sweden's first trade partner in West Asia and North Africa region in the past."

JUNE 25: Sweden opens trade bureau at its embassy in Tehran to boost its business ties with Iran after implementation of the Iran nuclear deal

OCT 12: Ericsson Shares Plunge 17% After Shocking Profit Warning



July 19, 2015: Germany's Industrial Giants Ready to Reap the Benefits of Iran Deal (Sputnik)

DEC 7: Expert: If Volkswagen Subsidiary Does Business in Iran, Nazi-Founded Company Will Once Again Have Turned to Financial Enrichment Via Genocide

". . . world powers were “bribed” into agreeing to the nuclear deal by the “massive amount of contracts that would be made possible, including with Boeing, Airbus and Skoda, etc.”

MAY 2: Volkswagen to spend up to $8.8 billion on diesel buybacks, fixes

JUNE 28: Volkswagen agrees to $14.6 billion settlement over emissions scandal

NOV 7: Volkswagen's Dieselgate Scandal Just Got Bigger

DEC 19: The Cost of Volkswagen's Diesel Scandal Just Broke $18 Billion