Friday, December 30, 2016


Interesting timing of events, at least for me.

Wednesday evening, a long-time reader of this blog sent me a YouTube on the 10 plagues of Egypt to watch, and I did.

The YouTube proposes that the 10 plagues of Egypt were caused by a 'megaquake,' and the narrator's progression thru the plagues and their connection to an underground gas source is fascinating. He is NOT attempting to explain away the plagues as 'mere' occurrences of nature. Instead, he shows how Jehovah 'manipulated' nature to achieve the plagues, a view with which I happen to agree.

The reader thought the 'megaquake' was interesting because of the possibility of such here in America should Obama decide to divide the land of Israel in his last few days in office, a possibility that suddenly came to life with last Friday's UN resolution and John Kerry's speech on Wednesday, which seemed to lay the groundwork for more 'tough love' with Israel in the coming Paris peace talks on January 15.

The interesting timing part comes from Shirat Devorah.

Shirat Devorah is a website that I go to often but rarely link to (I think maybe 2 or 3 times in the past 8 years). However, last night, when I went to Shirat, Shirat had reposted a post from 2008 that I remember reading back in 2008. In fact, I made a copy of it (on a previous computer that crashed and burned in 2010), and then somehow, forgot about it until the reposting of it last night.

The post, OBAMA AND THE EVIL AT THE END OF DAYS, was written in 2008, BEFORE Obama became President. The post explores the Gematria of Barack Obama's name and its connection not only to the name Ishmael but also to warnings from Jacob and Moses about the evil that will befall the Jewish people at the end of days, evil that will come from a son of Ishmael and in the form of Barack Obama.

The story of Ishmael is found in Genesis 16. He was the son of the Egyptian handmaiden Hagar and Abraham. He and his mother were eventually cast away from Abraham and his wife Sarah.

It might be worth remembering that Obama's father was of the Luo tribe of Kenya. The Luos migrated from Upper Egypt (Sudan) to what is now called Kenya. That ancient connection between Obama and Egypt would seem to add an extra dynamic of literalness to the Shirat Devorah post, which offers that Obama is connected to the half-Egyptian Ishmael thru Gemetria (see note 1 below).

Now to the connection to the 10 plagues.

In the Shirat Devorah post, Obama's name is not only connected to Ishmael's name and evil that will befall the Jews at the end of days, the Gematria of his name is also connected to the 10 plagues of Egypt. The post explains how.

Here is the Shirat Devorah post (see note 2):


Here is the YouTube about 10 plagues of Egypt. (see note 3)


1) Origin and Migration of The Luo -From Egypt, through Sudan, To Kenya

2) In the next few days, I will put Shirat Devorah's post here as note 2.

3) Original site for this YouTube in case YouTube removes it:
The Mega Earthquake, Which Explains The 10 Biblical Plagues of Egypt