Monday, December 12, 2016


$1 million lawsuit against Catholic school for not allowing same-sex date at dance

$1 million to Black Lives Matter by Kellogg Company

$1.1 million Federal grant to goat cheese producers

$1.2 million by Vanderbilt to remove word "Confederate" from dorm name

$2 million Federal grant for ‘Developing an Eastern Broccoli Industry’

$4.5 million in damages from 'peaceful protesters' in Charlotte following shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

$5 million by Angela Merkel to the Clinton Foundation during our election

$7.2 million from World Vision to Hamas

$7.5 Million Federal grant for implantable biotracker for super soldiers monitoring

$10 million funneled from John Kerry's State Department to his own daughter's foundation

$10.8 million by EPA for teacher training on 'Environmental Education'

$20 million to be spent by Target to build single-stall bathrooms

$29 million spent by Obama administration to register new immigrants likely to vote Democrat

$30 million invested by Planned Parenthood to elect Hillary Clinton

$33 million ordered by state of New Jersey to upgrade elementary school for immigrants despite measure rejected TWICE by voters

$37.4 Million of Cash US Transferred to Iran Went to Terrorist Groups

$40 million in home sales for Benghazi 13 unprecedented

$45 million loss in three states by Silicon Valley-backed Obamacare insurance startup

$60 million fine on Deutsche Bank to settle U.S. gold price-fixing case

$60 million paid by US to combat Ebola in Africa was illegally dispensed claims Judicial Watch

$100 million every hour of every day - how much National Debt has increased under President Obama

$150 million by Department of Defense on luxury villas for department staffers in Afghanistan

$167 million by taxpayers to house and feed illegals for just ONE MONTH

$300 million lost each year under Obamacare by America's third largest health insurer

$400 million airlifted to Iran as prisoners freed NOT ransom claims Obama

$408 million by VA on solar panels since 2010, some of which have never been operational

$500 million from Obama tapping taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood

$550 million lawsuit against Black Lives Matter by family of slain Dallas police officer

$770 million from Obama tapping taxpayer funds to renovate mosques overseas