Monday, December 26, 2016


Here are some of the articles that appeared over the weekend in the aftermath of President Obama's backstab of Israel at the UN. I am concerned that the resolution that passed was the first of perhaps a 'one, two punch.' I have no proof that even more is to come, but it is what I feel in my gut, so to speak.

While this Egyptian resolution seemed to come out of nowhere, it looks like it may have been in the works for awhile and coordinated behind the scenes with President Obama's team. I've been watching and waiting for the French resolution, so the Egyptian resolution kinda blindsided me. This Egyptian resolution may have laid the groundwork for something more. We'll see.

10 Times That God Has Hit America With A Major Disaster After The U.S. Attempted To Divide The Land Of Israel

A problem from Hell, indeed

An angry Israel summons foreign ambassadors, accuses Obama of conspiring against it

‘Go Choke on a Latke’; Livid Social Media Users Respond to Kerry’s Hanukkah Greeting Issued Shortly After US Failure to Back Israel at UN

Israeli officials: Obama showed his 'true face' by allowing anti-Israel resolution to pass

It's official: Obama is way worse than Jimmy Carter

Krauthammer: Obama ends his 8 years by stabbing Israel in the back

Look What We Just Did to Israel, Judgement Coming!!!
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Netanyahu's Chanukah speech blasts Obama, salutes soldiers

Obama joins the jackals

Obama Said to Break With Decades of U.S. Policy to Declare Western Wall ‘Occupied Territory’ at the UN

Obscenity personified: Obama lies, stabs Israel in the back, wishes us a Happy Chanuka

PA President Abbas’ Fatah Faction Posts Bloody Cartoon on Facebook Apparently Thanking UN for Endorsing Terrorism Against Israelis

Palestinian Terrorists Target West Bank, Eastern Jerusalem Following UN Anti-Israel Vote

President Barack Obama Takes a Final Swipe at America's Steady Alliance with Israel

President Obama throws Israel to the wolves

Roseanne Barr: Obama’s Anti-Israel UN Action Like ‘Nazis Who Enacted Anti-Jewish Laws on the Eve of Jewish Holidays’

Samantha Power watched a half million Arabs die -- then slammed Israel

Ted Cruz: No funding for UN until Israel vote reversed

Undoing Obama's Latest Legacy as UN Abstainer-in-Chief

White House blames Netanyahu for anti-Israel UN resolution