Monday, December 19, 2016


Watching the electoral college vote today.

Here’s What Happens If ‘Faithless’ Electors Try To Overturn Election Results

Watching the upcoming Israeli peace conference:

France postpones Middle East peace conference to January

Interesting same-time event:

Christine Lagarde (France's former finance minister), I.M.F. Chief, Is Found Guilty of Negligence

Lagarde has an interesting connection to the Iran nuclear deal.

IMF set to boost banking ties with Iran, Lagarde seeks to remove barriers on cooperation between international and Iranian banks

Watching our reprieve:

The Real Reason Why America Has Been Given A Reprieve

Watching December 25:

Court-ordered dismantling of Amona to begin December 25; reminds Israelis of the trauma of the forced evacuation of Gush Katif in August 2005

Watching anti-Israel UN resolutions:

Sources: Lame Duck Obama to Allow Anti-Israel UN Efforts

Dershowitz: ICC will go after Israel if controversial settlement bill passes Knesset, claims President Obama would not block anti-settlement resolution proposed by France at UN

Netanyahu slams Hollande for backing ‘shameful’ UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

Obama Weighs Options for His Final Stab at Israel; In his twilight months in office, Obama seeks to undermine America’s closest ally

Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama To Divide The Land Of Israel At The United Nations Before January 20th

Other Israel updates

Obama Administration Denies Jerusalem Is Located in Israel

Secretary Kerry accuses Israeli right of sabotaging peace process

Mahmoud Abbas’ vows 'Jew free' Palestine

Iranian President Rouhani: ‘Jihad Against Tel Aviv Only Recourse for Palestinians’

6 UN resolutions on Israel; ignore Jewish ties to Temple Mount, urge transfer of Golan to Syria

Trump and Israel:

Netanyahu: Looking forward to working with Trump on twin interests of peace, security

David M. Friedman is a Pretty Gutsy Pick for Ambassador to Israel

Gen. (ret.) James Mattis, Trump’s pick to serve as defense secretary, and Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn, whom he has tapped to serve as his national security adviser, were both fired by outgoing President Barack Obama for their opposition to his nuclear diplomacy with Iran

With Trump Presidency Looming, Iranian Officials Vow to Accelerate Nuclear Propulsion, Ballistic Missile Systems

Eye for eye:

President Obama claims Russia interfered with US election.

Remember this?

Congress investigating Obama admin-funded campaign for interfering in Netanyahu's re-election effort

And this?

President Obama's interference in 'Brexit' vote angered many British voters