Friday, November 18, 2016


Best Supermoon pictures taken around the world on November 14, 2016

Childcare costs skyrocket after minimum wage hike passes

China’s Enormous ‘Super Collider’ with 7X Energy of CERN to Reveal Unknown Universe

Credit Card Delinquencies Creep Up To Highest Levels Since 2012 As Subprime Issuance Soars

Election Of Donald Trump Is Already Having An Enormous Impact On The Economy

Enormous mutant spider carries mouse up refrigerator

Feds Bust Biggest Ever Food Stamp Fraud In History

Fukushima has destroyed the Pacific coast and will take 16 million years for the contamination to dissipate

Fukushima — Reporter: . . . a lot of cases “gargantuanism," “Gigantic beet… it’s almost as big as the upper part of man trying to hold it” — “They’re seeing more and more of this… people are reporting more and more of these abnormalities”

Gun Jobs Up Almost 75% Under Obama

Largest Oil Field In the United States JUST Discovered, and it's in Texas!

Major Drop in Florida Orange, Grapefruit Production Expected For Upcoming Season

Mammoth Megalodon tooth found after Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina

Nations prepare for biggest vote on gay agenda the UN has ever faced

New Zealand earthquake: One of the most complex ever recorded on land (Daily Mail reports seabed lifted by more than a metre, TIME reports the earthquake caused 100,000 landslides)

Obama On Pace To Increase The Debt By Stunning $2.4 Trillion This Year; US national debt has soared by a whopping $294 billion since the start of the 2017 fiscal year, just 45 days ago

Obama Sets New Record For Regulations – 81,640 Pages In 2016; shatters previous record for pages of regulations and rules published by the Federal Register in a single year

President Obama has achieved the impossible, he has thwarted the world's greatest threat; with ratification of The Paris Climate Accord - passing a threshold among European nations - the scourge of global warming has met its match

Planet Nine May Be Out There Tilting Solar System

Supervolcano discovered at North Pole

United States Of Europe: Germany And France Hatch A Plan To Create An EU Superstate

Obamacare - YUGE problems!

Huge Aetna Exodus From Obamacare Due In Part To DOJ Blocking Merger With Humana

Insurance Giants Cancel ObamaCare Expansion Plans as Premiums Skyrocket

Insurers Lose $2 Billion On Plans In 2016

Largest US Health Insurer Exits California, Illinois Obamacare Markets

Largest Texas Insurer Asks Big Price Hike

Leaving a legacy path of destruction (cartoon)

Obamacare forcing hundreds of thousands into part time work

Obamacare Has Cost "A Few Hundred Thousand Jobs"

Obamacare wreaking havoc on businesses

Obamacare is absolutely killing the middle class

Obamacare Insurance Markets on Verge of Collapse

Obamacare Premiums Will Surge By 25% In 2017

Obamacare On "Verge Of Collapse" As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017

The Sinkhole (cartoon)

These stunning maps show Obamacare's collapse in 2017

Train wreck is an understatement