Monday, November 7, 2016


July 14, 2015, the P5+1 powers announced a deal had been reached with Iran concerning its nuclear program.

Since that announcement significant events have occurred within each of the P5+1 powers. A flood of refugees by the millions have poured out of Syria and into primarily Europe and the U.S.

In the previous posts we have looked at how the male Muslim refugees have impacted numerous European countries. Rape and sexual assaults have occurred by the thousands. There have been horrific terror attacks and frightening threats that have shut down transportation systems and cultural events. There has been a dramatic increase in crimes, particularly robberies, assaults, and murders. These murders have been committed using mostly metal objects such as knives, axes, hatchets, and machetes, and, as noted previously, with a harpoon. Many of the migrants have engaged in rioting, shutting down roadways, attacking cars, and burning down asylum centers.

There is no getting around it -- many migrants are wreaking havoc.

This writer believes that the blessing and curse of Genesis 12:3 is in play.

This writer believes that the P5+1 powers cursed Israel when they sought to engage Iran, Israel's mortal enemy. All of these powers believe they will financially benefit from new opportunities with Iran. Instead, these same powers are facing financial havoc, and in some instances, near ruin, because of the financial burdens of the refugees. Those posts are in the works and should be up in the next week or two.

Up until now, we've been getting snapshots of what has been happening to the 'citizens on the ground,' so to speak, in the aftermath of the Iran nuclear deal. It is clear that the 'everyday people' are experiencing upheaval in their public lives (their cultures) in general, and in their personal lives in particular.

It is unlikely that their havoc will end anytime soon.

But another form of havoc has been playing out, and that is that the governments of the P5+1 entities have all been experiencing turmoil.

Incredible turmoil . . . especially in U.S. politics.

Let's look at what has been taking place.

Again . . . starting with Germany.

(Note: I never expect anyone to read all these links. I let the headlines speak for themselves, and if you want to read further, you certainly may. They are provided as citations to show the source of the information.)



MARCH 13: Merkel Heading For Humiliation As State Elections Swing To Anti-Immigrationists; warns that the AfD party was 'stirring up prejudices'

MARCH 13: Merkel's Party Suffers Drubbing in German State Votes; voters punished Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in three German regional elections on Sunday, giving a thumbs-down to her open-door refugee policy and turning in droves to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany

MARCH 14: Voters punish Germany's Merkel for refugee policies; Elections in three German states have resulted in big losses for Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat coalition; "results are serious rebuke for Merkel and the most pronounced protest vote we've seen so far

MARCH 18: Despite outcome of election, Germany's Merkel doubles down against voters: "No Change to Migration Policy" despite "Tectonic shift in political landscape of Germany"

AUG 14: German President Booed, Attacked; Claims "The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites"

AUG 17: Despite the impact migrants are having on Merkel's approval, she doubles down and insists that refugees have not brought terrorism to Germany

AUG 28: Merkel's Muslim Crisis, One Year On (YouTube)

OCT 11: Merkel’s Conservatives Fall to Lowest Level Ever in Opinion Poll

OCT 25: Austrian party leader: Angela Merkel is the most dangerous woman in Europe



JUNE 3: Marine le Pen surges in French polls

AUG 22: Sarkozy announces bid for 2017 presidential race; comes out of retirement to challenge 'deeply unpopular' Francois Hollande after string of deadly Islamist terror attacks; Sarkozy urges France "to get tough on immigration, crack down on Islamist militancy and halt the erosion of France's secular identity," blames "cowardly leaders for a loss of French culture (Reuters)

SEPT 9: Polls show Ms. Le Pen is likely to make it into the second round when France votes for a president in the spring


The UK:

JUNE 22: Brexit, immigration closely linked (NPR)

JUNE 24: Nigel Farage claims Obama's interference in British politics caused Brexit

JUNE 29: The Accusations Begin: David Cameron Blames Brexit On Merkel And EU "Immigration Failure"

NOV 3: British Judge Blocks Immediate 'Brexit'

NOV 3: Angry Britains threaten to take to the streets after judge blocks Brexit vote result


The EU:

FEB 22: Norway: We will abandon international law if Sweden collapses

APRIL 21: Swedes tell Britain: if you leave the EU, we’ll follow

JULY 30: Danish populists call to topple government to stop Muslim migration

AUG 17: Austria's "Anti-Immigration" Presidential Candidate Resurgent After 9 Refugees Accused Of Gang-Rape

AUG 23: Italy, Germany, and France hold summit; resolve that Brexit will not weaken their resolve urgent problems facing the European Union; double down their policies are not the problem, but 'the solution'

SEPT 9: In November, Italy is expected to hold a plebiscite on a constitutional reform aimed at creating more stable governments that has emerged as a referendum on Mr. Renzi, who has tried to rally support for the EU. The likely beneficiary if the referendum fails and Mr. Renzi resigns: the populist 5 Star Movement, founded by comic Beppe Grillo, which has surged to about 30% in the polls and whose left-right politics reflect the breadth of anger among Italians at their political class

OCT 20: Brussels chief Jean-Claude Juncker facing no confidence vote in European Parliament


China and Russia:

Because China and Russia have not endured Muslim migration the way Europe has, they have not suffered the kind of political upheaval that the other P5+1 powers have. So for now, we are going to not cover China and Russia.


The United States:




Those words, and more, describe the 2016 race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

There has never been anything like it.

Donald Trump was never supposed to be the Republican nominee. In all likelihood that was supposed to be Jeb Bush, after some pretense of sizing up the other challengers. The Republican Party went so far as to wrangle a pledge from Trump that he would support the party's nominee. Except the party's nominee turned out to be him, and now it's the other challengers who are hedging on whether they will vote for him or not.

Hillary hates him.

We learn from the purloined emails provided by wikileaks that Hillary wanted to run against Donald because Marco Rubio was the real threat she feared. Donald was supposed to be a cake walk!

Not only was Donald Trump not supposed to be the Republican nominee, we learn now that Hillary can't even walk, cake or not! It's been so bad that she's been signaling for any and all surrogates to come whack him in the knees, or pick up her shoes.

How crazy is that?

President Obama's been all too happy to oblige. His attacks on Donald Trump have been called 'unprecedented' by any sitting President on a contender for the White House.

And it's personal!

Obama's made sure, particularly to the black folks, that his 'legacy's on the line,' and that he will be 'personally insulted' if they don't rush right down and sign them thar voter registration forms.

And hey, it wouldn't hurt none if great, great grandma and grandpa signed up, too, God rest their souls.

(Hint, Colorado's figured out how to handle them slight formalities.)

There are cynics out there who think Donald Trump is really for Hillary, that he is here to throw the election to Hillary.

Ok, whatever.

Actually, that was Jeb Bush's job. And since nobody kept him around long enough to do that for Hillary, he at least threw away his vote on her.

No one . . . no one . . . no one . . . ever thought Donald Trump would be where he is today.

He was supposed to have burned out already.

He was supposed to have screwed up so badly that he was going to be totally unelectable.

But that's not where we are, are we?

It may be a toss-up as to whom Obama hates more, Donald J. Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the night of September 11, 2012, as the terrorist attack at Benghazi was underway, the only phone call that interested President Obama appears to have been the one he made to Benjamin Netanyahu . . . to complain that it looked like Netanyahu was interfering in his re-election.

Yeah, THAT Benghazi that has dogged Hillary Clinton since she took to podium to sternly lie about some anti-Muslim YouTube, or something.

It was Trey Gowdy's investigation into what happened that night when four Americans got themselves killed by "some guys out for a walk,' and a few not-so-important underlings were in a desperate struggle for life and death while Hillary Clinton got some shut-eye and President Obama planned his next day's Vegas trip that uncovered Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Yeah, THAT server that has dogged Hillary even more so than Benghazi has.

THAT server has forced President Obama to defend Hillary Clinton, stand by Hillary Clinton, embrace Hillary Clinton, and publicly adore Hillary Clinton despite what we all know -- that he privately loathes her. Yet Obama has to board her broom and ride with her, even if it is covered in an obscene amount of mud, because he's counting on Athaliah incarnate to defeat 'that guy' who keeps showing up on TV.

Obama really hates that 'that guy' because 'that guy' keeps threatening everything Obama holds near and dear.

No, not Michelle and the girls.

His legacy. You know, all that great stuff future New York Times best sellers are going to enshrine about him.

And right there at the top of his list of accomplishments is the Iran nuclear deal. It's his, he owns it.

And 'that guy' keeps calling it lousy.

He's even bragging he could have done better!

How dare he!

Hillary Clinton has taken credit for it as well.

Curiously, wikileaks claims that Hillary Clinton's head injury that caused a blood clot was not from a fall in her home but from a plane crash in Iran. We may or may not ever know if that is completely true. But what we do know is that Hillary claims it was her State Department that, with regards to Iran's nuclear program, "put a lid on it."

Here is a YouTube about that 'prophetic slip' if you haven't seen it yet.


So here is the question I have for my readers:

If the P5+1 appear to be suffering social havoc and political upheaval because of the Iran nuclear deal, is it possible God has raised up Donald Trump to be 'political upheaval' as judgment to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

I ask that because Donald Trump has certainly brought that to this election. And it has been upheaval the likes of which we have never seen in modern American politics.

Good thing private servers weren't around during Tricky Dick's time.

Trump has upended the Republican Party. Trump has managed to root out all the rinos. All those elected Republicans that have scrambled to the Clinton camp were the Republicans, we now know never intended to stand up to Barack Obama's presidency. They were, via ballot boxes, mandated by the people to do just that, but now, thanks to Donald Trump, we learn that was never going to happen.

Trump has upended the mainstream media. Most of us have wanted to whisper on occasion, "Hey, your slip is showing," but they don't listen to us little people, so we couldn't really tell them. But Donald Trump has. The media absolutely hate him. They have mocked him, shown contempt for him, insulted him, misrepresented him, and when that didn't slow him down, disparaged his followers. However, instead of the MSM destroying him, the people have turned on the MSM and flung their dished-out contempt right back in their sorry faces.

Trump has upended the Democratic Party. They hate him, for starters, because they can't blame him for setting up Clinton's private email server. They have no one to blame but Hillary. That dang server is one rotting albatross slung around her neck. And that thing ain't going anywhere. President Obama's tried to help but, as usual, comes out looking like a liar.

They also hate Trump because any other Republican candidate who has had as many slip-ups, faux pas, bungled opportunities, mangled misspeaks and eyebrow-raising tweets would have already had the grace to crawl off into some proverbial hole in the ground and politically die. Democrats aren't used to someone who keeps slogging through the political bullcrap. He just won't die! He's become their personal Nightmare on Elm Street. And they can't wake up!

They also hate him because sexual 'no-no's' are supposed to be like Kryptonite to Republicans, you know, like water to the Wicked Witch of the West or Hillary to Bill. Such things are supposed to "stop 'em cold." Like a Patriot missile taking down an incoming Scud. Uhhh, except this one didn't. The Donald transformed from Freddie Krueger to Metal Man from Terminator 2 and right before their very eyes!

This is going from bad to worse.

Obama's supposed to be their champion, but he's busy looking for his lucky monkey god charm that was supposed to be in his pocket helping him out.

He did, however, find his selfie stick!

If that helps any.

Have you ever asked yourself why Donald Trump is even in this race?

Have you asked yourself why any human being, sane or otherwise, would put up with all the lies, sandbagging, set-ups, feigned indignation and denigration he's had to put up with, and that just from FOX News and the Republicans?

Have you asked yourself what is his motivation?

Have you really stopped to ask yourself how he came to be the most unlikely candidate to be at the top?

Obama has. He asked Republicans if Donald Trump was really the best they could do.

No, wait. He scolded.

Sorry. My bad.

Did you know that in May of this year, Donald Trump's son gave an interview in which he stated why his dad ran for President?

The U.S.-led nuclear agreement with Iran last year was a deciding factor that compelled Donald Trump to jump into the race for president, the billionaire’s son, Eric Trump, said in a radio interview on Sunday.

“I think, honestly, the Iran nuclear deal was one of the things that made him jump into the race,” Trump told New York’s AM 970 The Answer radio. “I think that was a game changer for him.”

“That is when he finally said, ‘Kids, I am going to it. I am going to give this a real shot,’” Trump continued.

Donald Trump has been a vocal opponent of the Iran nuclear deal. At a February speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Trump strongly criticized against the agreement and stated that his “number one priority” if he takes office will be to nix “the disastrous deal with Iran.”

Eric Trump: Obama's Iran Deal Drove My Father to Run For President

That is why I think the answer to the question, "is it possible God has raised up Donald Trump to be 'political upheaval' as judgment to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?" is "Yes. Yes, He did."

This post is not an effort to persuade you to vote for Donald J. Trump. Or Freddie Krueger, if you prefer.

That's not the purpose of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to examine "current events involving Israel, the President, natural disasters and cultural phenomenon in light of the Bible and prophecy, and how these different events seem to happen in tandem as "coincidences."

The Iran nuclear deal is certainly a current event that involves Israel and the President, and there sure seem to be a whole lot of 'coincidences' happening in the aftermath.

I, for one, set out to write this series because this blog has long followed events concerning Israel. I intended to primarily focus on the rapes and sexual assaults, terror and terror threats and crimes the thousands upon thousands of refugees were inflicting upon the P5+1 powers, especially the European Union. It was Brexit that made me step back and take a second look and ask if political turmoil was happening with the other P5+1 powers. And it is. Sweden is whispering that maybe they should slip out the door as well. Angela Merkel is floundering. The President of the EU is facing a 'no confidence' vote. And there's been more.

It was researching the political turmoil that I stumbled across the Eric Trump interview.

Ok, maybe it was placed in my path.

Is God at work here?

Donald Trump has not appeared as Ivanhoe to the Republican Party. He seems no worthy knight. But as much as he falls short of the Party's desired ideal, he falls even shorter from the kind of man President Obama deems worthy of his mantle (although he might reconsider if Donald started wearing a dress and stilletos and called himself Fifi).

Until then President Obama has made it perfectly clear that Donald Trump not only is too unworthy to even untie his shoes, he's even too unworthy to follow him in his footsteps.

Who knew that a former community organizer could be so snooty?

But not only has Trump not stopped following him, he's slapped on his white skimmer and is making out like Joe Lefors after Butch Cassidy.

There are more posts in this series in the coming days.

That is if we survive the election.