Friday, November 4, 2016


In the previous posts, we have looked at what has befallen the citizens of Germany, France, the UK and the EU, with a particular look at Belgium and Sweden since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal.

Now let's take a look at two more of the P5+1 entities, China and Russia.



According to a report in Foreign Policy by Liang Pan (February 16, 2016), China has received fewer than 50 Syrian refugees.

Pan gives several reasons China has declined refugees with the first probably being the most important.

1) Chinese authorities argue that Western countries caused the meltdown in Syria that resulted in the mass exodus, making its resolution their responsibility.

2) There's little public support for taking refugees. China has long had population control methods in place, including forced abortions and sterilizations. Taking on refugees would be a tough sell.

3) Religion is a factor. China's concerns with the more radical elements of Islam come from experience with its population of Muslim Uighurs. Uighurs have committed several major terrorist attacks in China, and China is reluctant to add more Muslims that most likely would not assimilate to Chinese culture and traditions.

4) At its root, China sees itself as a community of a set number of identities, and it is reluctant to change that make-up.

News coming out of China has always been tightly controlled, so it is difficult at times to get a clear picture of the true state of affairs. We are not as likely to hear about rapes, sexual assaults, terror attacks, and crime because of the heavy hand of censorship. Nevertheless, we do get news on occasion, and there have been some stories since July 2015.

NOV 18, 2015: ISIS executes Chinese hostage kidnapped in Syria

NOV 20, 2015: China kills 28 Uighurs after attack on coal mine leaves 50 dead, claims Uighurs are trying to affiliate with ISIS

JUNE 18: Knife Wielding Muslim Terrorists Kill 33 Injure 130 at train station in southwestern China

AUG 30: 1 Dead, 3 Wounded After Explosion at the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan

AUG 31: Terrorism expert claims China will continue to have increasing incidents of terrorism due to ISIS penetration



While China has accepted a handful of Syrian refugees, Russia is accepting virtually none.

Nevertheless, since July 2015, they have had a few incidents worth nothing.

NOV 4, 2015: US officials believe ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane

JAN 31: 400 Russian immigrants in Germany took law into their own hands and killed several Muslim immigrants after 13-year-old claimed Muslims gang-raped her for 30 hours

FEB 4: 51 Muslim refugees from Norway sexually assault several women at nightclub in Murmansk, local Russians brutally retaliate sending all refugees to the hospital

FEB 17: 7 alleged ISIS charged for plotting terror in Moscow, St. Petersburg

FEB 29: Muslim nanny in Moscow beheads 4-year-old child, walks thru street carrying head and screaming, "I am a terrorist!"

MARCH 31: At Least Twenty Islamic State Recruiters Arrested in Moscow

JUNE 30: Three ISIS suicide bombers who killed 44 people in a gun and bomb attack at Istanbul Atatürk Airport are from Dagestan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, has highlighted the fact that Russia has a massive—and growing—radical Islam problem

AUG 1: Alleged ISIS video threatens Putin, Russia with attacks

AUG 19: ISIS claims responsibility for first terror attack on Russian soil after two supporters try to kill police with gun and axes near Moscow

OCT 10: Teenager armed with chainsaw BEHEADS woman in Minsk shopping center, seriously wounds another with hammer