Wednesday, November 2, 2016


In the previous post, we looked at what has come upon Germany's citizens since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal.

Let's turn to France.

Rape and sexual assaults:

Like Germany, France's women and children have been subjected to rape and sexual assaults.

JAN 8: Two Afghan refugees arrested for the attempted rape of a passenger on a Paris train

MARCH 6: Multiple young boys brutally raped by Muslim migrants in “refugee camp”

JULY 17: Cologne Attack Victim Became Pregnant After Being Raped

SEPT 17: Muslims arrested after naked teenager found bound, gagged and gang-raped underneath the Eiffel Tower

OCT 19: Female journalist 'raped by knife-wielding migrants' at Jungle camp


Terror attacks and terror threats:

Undoubtedly, France has suffered HORRIBLE terrorist attacks and threats of attacks since they signed the deal as part of the P5+1.

NOV 13, 2015: Paris Terror Attack

MARCH 24: Terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud was leader of group of 90 Jihadi who came to Europe as refugees

JUNE 4: Frenchmen arrested with 100 kilo explosives, many detonators, 3 grenade launchers and Kalashnikovs… preparing attack on Euro Football in France

JULY 14: Tunisian immigrant deliberately drives cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84, injuring 434

JULY 28: Muslims Firebomb Bus in Paris

AUG 6: Terror Fears Cancel Historic French Street Market In Lille

AUG 6: France cancels Nice cycling championships amidst terror fears


Crime and migrant misbehavior:

There have been accounts of riots and clashes between French citizens who want to keep their social identity and Muslim migrants and Syrian refugees who have been lashing out at French citizens for their 'loose' morals. One of these clashes that occurred on a beach went so far as to have two men HARPOONED.

AUG 16: French Riviera Town Bans The Burqini Following Violent Brawl Between Muslims And Locals That Saw One Man Harpooned

Attacks on French citizens, and even police officers, not with just knives but also with any metal objects that are handy such as hatchets, axes, and meat cleavers are terrifyingly on the rise.

MAY 9: Chaos on Calais Roads as Migrants Block Traffic, Attack Lorries

JUNE 20: Islamist kills police officer and slits officer's wife's throat then livestreams on Facebook, calls on fellow jihadists to "‘Kill Police… Politicians… Journalists… Rappers… Kill Them in The Name of Allah’"

JULY 19: Moroccan man attacks woman and her 3 daughters with knife for being 'scantily dressed'

JULY 26: ‘Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest with knife During Morning Mass In France

France has not only had problems with Muslim migrants causing mayhem, Black Lives Matter groups have been joining the migrants in causing problems, a problem that Sheriff David Clarke warned about in October of 2015.

JULY 27: France Begin Mass Arrests Of Black Lives Matter Protestors

AUG 3: Buses Under Attack In France, attackers yelling ‘Allahu Akhbar,’ Torching, Regular Stoning

AUG 13: Locals and tourists warned to avoid driving through Calais as Muslim invaders are smashing cars for fun

AUG 15: Manhunt underway for migrant who seriously wounded man in knife attack in city of Cologne

AUG 19: Strasbourg stabbing: Jewish rabbi knifed by man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in daylight attack

AUG 24: French 'Extremist' Screams "Allahu Akbar", Stabs British Woman To Death In Australia

OCT 9: French police officers set on fire - 'Planned and organized'

NOV 2: WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital


Impact on culture:

Since the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, France has become a country that is dangerous for its citizens. Like German citizens, French citizens have also seen their culture being stripped away to appease Muslim men claiming to be refugees from Syria. Like Germans, the French are being forced to hand over what has long been theirs.

JULY 21: France considering bringing back the guillotine because of radical Islamists

JULY 28: France Sacrifices Priest on the Altar of “Tolerance"

AUG 15: Calais citizens warned they should no longer use the roads they've used for decades to avoid migrants who have taken them over and have been attacking vehicles with baseball bats and knives

AUG 16: France pulls down 33 Christian churches, erects more than 1,000 mosques

OCT 4: France - The Ticking Time bomb of Islamization

OCT 15: Scenes From The Apocalypse" - Mass Immigration Ruins The Streets Of France

NOV 1: Paris, once called the City of Lights, now is home to squalid illegal alien camps



Rape and sexual assaults:

Like Germany and France, the women and children of Great Britain, particularly London, have been suffering numerous rapes and sexual assaults.

MAY 18: 'Migrant background' males kick young man to death then sexually assault his girlfriend

MAY 23: Half of rape suspects are now foreign

JUNE 5: Nigel Farage Warns Of Cologne-Style Migrant Rape If Britain Votes To Stay

JULY 4: ‘Huge Increase’ In Swimming Pool Migrant Sex Assaults Against Children

JULY 14: Thousands Of Sex Attacks On Britain’s Trains, Victims As Young As Two Years Old

AUG 1: Police arrest 900 Muslim migrants in England and Wales for rape, child abuse and “sickening” crimes

AUG 10: British Prisons Haven’t Enough Room To Jail All Paedophiles

AUG 17: 1,961 Sexually assaults reported in first 6 months of this year on underground train

SEPT 25: Six Muslim migrants abduct and rape mother of three

But unlike Germany and France, there are reports of MEN being raped.

AUG 30: Report of 120% increase in men reporting sexual abuse


Terror and terror threats:

Like Germany and France, Great Britain has endured terror threats . . . :

NOV 19, 2015: ISIS tweets terror threat to Great Britain, warns they're next

MARCH 7: ISIS Planning ‘Spectacular Attack in United Kingdom,’ Warns Head of Counterterrorism

JULY 31: Police investigating at least four terror threats on British shopping centres and stadiums

OCT 8: “Kill all who insult the Prophet”: Pamphlet distributed at LONDON mosque


Crime and migrant misbehavior:

and has also suffered attacks by Muslim migrants and Syrian refugees using weapons of metal.

JAN 23: The 'murder' capital of Britain is revealed to be a sleepy Lincolnshire town – which is also home to the highest increase of migrants in the country

MARCH 14: Muslims go on rampage in London

MAY 23: Surge in migrants murdering in UK

AUG 1: Islamic State terrorist gets life for attacking musician with a rusty knife and attempting to behead him in underground London station

AUG 4: Russell Square attack: American woman stabbed to death in London rampage by 'mentally ill' Norwegian-Somalian knifeman

Note should be made that May 2013, a British soldier, Lee Rigby, was attacked by two Muslims who hacked him to death with a meat cleaver then beheaded him. At this time talks with Iran had been going on though they were on pause at this time. The attacker of the musician in the Underground Station claimed he was inspired by the murder of Rigby and by ISIS executioner Jihadi John, who is believed to have had a British connection.


Impact on culture:

And like Germany and France, the UK is seeing its centuries-old culture and body of traditions slipping away. London has been changing for some time. There are a number of reports and articles from 2013 which indicate that there was already a number of issues concerning Muslim immigrants and the British struggling to mingle cultures. The clashes between the two cultures seem to have accelerated since the Fall of 2015.

JAN 18: Study: Christianity Dying in Britain, Only Islam Growing

MAY 14: BBC produces documentary, white people are leaving east London ‘because of immigrants’

JULY 13: Leaflets Call For Brits To ‘Respect’ Muslims By Not Taking Their Dogs Out in Public

OCT 18: British Peer: Polygamy ‘Commonplace’ Within Muslim Communities in Britain

OCT 20: Fury over refusal to test migrants' age as disabled Brits are put through "inhumane" "degrading" tests just to get vital funds to live on, basic checks on even the ages of foreign migrants are ruled out as "intrusive"

OCT 25: Muslims are patrolling London to ensure that Sharia Law is being enforced, even on non-Muslims; Brits angry at the intimidation

YouTube 'blogger' Pat Condell gives a great first-hand take on what the mass immigration of Muslim refugees is doing to the countries of Europe.