Monday, November 21, 2016


Atchison, Kansas: Chemical spill hospitalizes 50

Boston, Massachusetts: We’re ‘focusing on’ getting city ready to abort more babies after Trump victory

Carlsbad, New Mexico: Nuclear waste repository in evacuated after rockfall

Chattanooga, Tennessee: Multiple elementary school children killed and many others injured when school bus nearly sheared in half in horrific crash

Chicago, Illinois: 17 Shot Dead As Chicago Records Deadliest Weekend Of 2016

Dallas, Texas: "Pension Fund Panic" As Mayor Warns Of 130% Property Tax Hike To Avoid Collapse

Dallas, Texas: Mayor Admits Police Pension Pushing City Toward "Fan Blades Of Municipal Bankruptcy

Detroit, Michigan: ‘Kill All Police’ Graffiti Threatens Law Enforcement

Kansas City, Missouri: Dire Free Speech Warning Issued By Executive Director Of Kansas City Library System

Long Island, New York: Gangs running wild

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Airline employee shot and killed at Will Rogers World Airport

Orem, Utah: 5 students stabbed at high school

Palm Springs, California: 13 Dead, 31 Injured in One of Deadliest Wrecks in California History

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Illegal Voters Uncovered in Philly Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Sacramento, California: Creepy Clowns Threaten Sacramento Schools

San Antonio, Texas: 20-year veteran police officer shot in head and killed in ambush-style shooting

Sanibel, Florida: Police officer shot in ambush-style shooting during traffic stop

St. Louis, Missouri: Police sergeant shot in the face in ambush-style shooting

Tampa, Florida: Hate graffiti spray-painted on wall and in yards

Warr Acres, Oklahoma: Planned Parenthood Announces 'Historic' Abortion Facility in Oklahoma

Washington, D.C.: DC city council approves assisted suicide