Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Gasoline Prices Soar After Colonial Pipeline Explosion In Alabama

Ballots in Arkansas misspell Hillary's name as "Hil-liar-y"

Colorado heat wave continues well into November

Indiana Voter Database "Riddled With Errors" Including 1,000s Of Dead Voters And Duplicate Registrations

Two Iowa police officers killed in 'ambush-style' attacks

For Deutsche Bank, This Is The "Brexit Panic" Signal In Today's Election; particularly concerned if Trump should win Michigan and Pennsylvania, expects all volatility to break loose
(gg note: Interesting the number of times Trump's name is connected with 'Brexit' considering this blog believes 'Brexit' and 'political turmoil' a consequence of Obama's Iran nuclear deal)

Legal experts: Massachusetts law might put pastors in jail for using ‘wrong’ gender pronouns

Nebraska: The Refugee Capital of America

Nevada ballot initiative would criminalize soldiers who leaves guns behind with fiancées

5.0 earthquake strongly shakes Oklahoma, loud thundering noises heard, many buildings suffer damage near major oil hub in Cushing
(gg note: This quake felt different than the previous ones we've had; the shaking lasted much longer, and felt like it came two waves; house 'quivered' for about 2 minutes after the initial two very hard waves hit.)

What an earthquake expert can and can't tell you about Oklahoma tremors (Dallas News)

Oregon voters set to decide on a ballot initiative there in November that could do more to kill jobs than most category 4 hurricanes

The Democrat Secretary of State in Oregon accused of suppressing Republicans from voting

Sheriff: MS-13 Gang Brings Machetes, Rape, Scalping to Texas

McAuliffe Gives 60,000 Felons Voting Rights in Swing State Virginia