Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hey there! I've had an epic computer crash. I've gotten a new computer, which I am trying to learn my way around on, and I've obtained an extractor to pull off information from my old computer because, as many of my readers well know, I use links (sometimes a lot of links) in my posts to support a topic. Since I can have a thousand or so bookmarked at any given time, I would like to recover some of those.

I had been compiling this list of HILLARY VIDEOS, so I will post these today. I hope to be back up and running on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Benghazi mother: Hillary kills people

Benghazi widow calls out Hillary Clinton in powerful ad

Benghazi Victim's Father: Clinton Lied 'to Myself And to Other Family Members'

Bill Whittle responds to Hillary in a 6-part series

Bill Whittle takes 93 seconds to show Hillary Clinton guilty of violating three separate Federal Statutes, then takes another three minutes to explain why she and Obama simply DO NOT CARE

Clinton Cash

Deplorables respond to Hollywood actors
(gg note: I'm not endorsing DJT, but I have to admit, I really, really like this ad . . . cuz it's how I feel, to be really, really honest.)

David Seaman is a liberal reporter who was fired for questioning Hillary Clinton's health. He is continuing to pursue the issues that dog HRC. Here are the YouTubes he is offering: David Seaman

Hillary Clinton's "Basket of Deplorables"

Hillary Clinton's campaign try to get Trump's "Outsourcing" ad off air

Hillary Clinton blames cops for the 5 dead police officers in Texas

Hillary Clinton laughs about the 4,424 American troops who died in Iraq

Hillary Clinton talks about camps for those who "we disagree with politically"
(gg note: Title of this YouTube is An Open Message to Frustrated Trump Supporters. Go to 5:11 to hear what HRC says about guns followed by her comments about camps. While this YT is obviously pro-Trump, the guy talking makes very valid points concerning Hillary Clinton and mainstream media.)

House Oversight Committee Detailing Hillary Case For Perjury

"I thought you should know"
(gg note: 3 unnerving minutes)

Judicial Watch Panel: Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation

Krauthammer: Clinton Reaction To Trump’s Russia Statement Admitted She Deleted Work-Related Emails

Liar Liar Pants On Fire Hillary Song

Liberal upset with Hillary for just about everything

Major Hillary Clinton medical update from prominent medical expert – was Clinton on a ‘drug holiday’? (3 videos embedded in this article)

Secret Service banned flash photography during second debate

Sheriff David Clarke: Hillary Is ‘a Straight Up Cop Hater’

Strange Message from Hillary Clinton at the Debate!

Trey Gowdy Dismantles Every Hillary Clinton Lie

YouTube restricts Americans from seeing Trump's campaign ad that takes notes of Hillary's health