Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Arizona measles outbreak linked to immigration detention center

Toxic algae found in more than 40 California lakes, waterways

Clown costumes banned in Connecticut school district, considered “symbols of terror”

Red tides cause massive fish kills all along Southwest Florida

Gross: Hillary campaign bus caught dumping human waste in storm drain in Georgia

Boeing plant in Georgia closing – 100+ jobs lost

Clown Shot in Indiana as Craze Spreads

Top Indiana election official finds 'thousands' of incidents of fraud

Louisiana has more pain prescriptions than residents

Maryland schools ban thousands of students without government-mandated vaccinations

Nearly 400,000 Michigan Residents Brace for Double-Digit Obamacare spike

Minnesota Commissioner Slams Obamacare As "Unfair and Unsustainable" As Rates Soar

Justice Dept involving itself in landlord case in New York, warns landlords they cannot refuse to rent to former felons, cannot do background checks on criminal history

The collapse of Obamacare in North Carolina has been nothing short of spectacular

Roads washed away, dams critically high after drenching rain from Hurricane Matthew soaks North Carolina

Ohio superintendent: 'I will question homeschoolers as I see fit'

Oklahoma High School Students Learn That All Whites Are Racists

Tornadoes rip through Oregon, major damage in Manzanita

Aliens are registered or voting by the thousands in Pennsylvania

Texas judge refuses to hear request from four states to stop President Obama from handing over the Internet

Medical personnel in Vermont asking court to not force them to participate in assisted suicide on terminally ill patients

Vermont admits 17 refugees with active TB

Aliens are registered or voting by the thousands in Virginia