Tuesday, October 25, 2016


America Needs To Wake Up – There is ZERO Hope For Our Country Until We Turn From Our Evil Ways

American morality: Down the slippery slope, over the cliff

Assisted suicide proliferation indicates moral decadence

Benham Brothers: Abandoning God Leads to a ‘Culture of Death’

Borough Assembly Meeting Opens With Satanic Prayers

Cardinal: ‘God is Being Eroded, Eclipsed, Liquidated’ In The United States

Central Park hosts all-female, naked production of The Tempest

Chicago school district drops letter grades, offers 'progress guides'

District Attorney defends breaking the law in order to prosecute (persecute?) David Daleiden

DOJ: Children Do Not Need—and Have No Right to--Mothers

Donald Trump’s Convention Speech Highlighted The Truth About America’s Decline

'Ebony' Editor Believes Killing White People Is Not A "Hate Crime"

'Effeminism' and the War on Boys

‘Emergency’ need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic

Euthanasia Now Accepted by 69% of Americans

Gay Hookup Ads on DC Metro ‘Conform with Our Board-Approved Ad Policy’

Genderless Marriages

Generation Snowflake: Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings And The Wussification Of Our Young People

Get to know Satan after school!

Girls reported to school authorities for complaining that boy was chosen to be Prom Queen

High school kids taught to abort mentally challenged

Hillary Clinton: Our long national nightmare is just beginning

How decades of divorce helped erode religion in America

How Disney teaches contempt for dads

How the Left lies when blacks are shot by the police

If Our Mayors Are THIS Corrupt, What Is The Rest Of The Population Like Behind Closed Doors?

'It's an insult': Disbelief of William Petit who was forced to listen to wife being raped and killed and his daughters burned alive as Connecticut court overturns killer's execution because it's 'cruel'

Junior High Math teacher gives out math quiz featuring pimpin’ hos, hitmen, drug deals and drive-bys

Male Massachusetts Elementary School Teacher Ran Through Halls Naked

Moloch, American Style

More Babies Born Addicted to Opiates Like Heroin

Nickelodeon desensitizing children to sexual content

Nickelodeon ‘makes history’ with its first ‘gay married’ couple in kids cartoon

NJ death bill resuscitated

NYC passes law that decriminalizes men urinating in public

NY Times Article: God Is Transgender

Obama’s Sex-Driven War on Science

Obama's 'shameful' proposal

Oklahoma Woman Accused of Prostituting 5-Month-Old Daughter for Meth

President Obama holds himself up as a great example of 'what a feminist looks like'

President Obama would be pleased: Poll finds Most American Men Under 30 Don’t Identify As “Masculine,” 1-In-5 Actually Identify As Feminine

Purple Pervert Unicorn Ushers Children Into a World of Polysexual Degeneracy

Salon publishes story glorifying woman's incestuous relationship with her dad

Sheriff David Clark Blames Absentee Fathers for Creating “Misfits Police Then Have To Deal With”

Stripped-down march in SF for right to bare all

Study Finds LEGOs Becoming Increasingly Violent

Supreme Court Justice admits her secret fantasy was to beat fellow Justice to death with baseball bat

Term “Start a Family” Denounced as “Loathsome”

The Culture of Death's Love Story?

The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying

The Nature of Evil in Computer RPGs

The Next Wave: ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’ And ‘Polyamory’

Warning: Be wary of webisodes

Why Conscripting Women Into Combat Will Result In Cultural Disaster

Woman lives as baby

Young Americans are less wedded to monogamy than their elders