Monday, September 19, 2016


ISIS destroys Temple of Bel.

Palmyra's Temple of Bel destroyed, says UN

Arch to Temple of Bel comes to New York City . . .

Arch That Was A Gateway To The Temple Of Baal Is Going Up In New York’s City Hall Park On Monday

NYC And The Arch Of Triumph; For Whom Will The Bel Toll?

and opens the week the U.N. may be making crucial decisions concerning Israel.

A Palestinian State Cometh: UN Secretary-General Calls For Imminent Action To Save The ‘Two State Solution’

Palestinian Authority Races To Get A UN Security Council Resolution Before Obama Leaves Office

As the world prepares to come up against Israel . . . New York City, New Jersey and Minnesota are hit with terror attacks.

3 Terror Attacks In America In 24 Hours

11 Bombs In 24 Hours

NYC At "Highest Alert Since 9/11" As UN Meetings Get Underway

Interestingly, the Arch was partially constructed in Shanghai and finished in Italy.

Ancient arch of Palmyra . . . finished in Italy

Zerohedge had this article on Saturday . . .

Italy Is the Mother of All Systemic Threats

and The Telegraph this today.

China facing full-blown banking crisis, world's top financial watchdog warns

It appears that Wednesday warrants being a watch day . . .

Netanyahu, Obama to meet in New York on Wednesday

especially in light of this article from Newsweek.

Obama Exacts Cold Revenge on Netanyahu

With all that's happening, it appears that Friday also warrants being a watch day.

Things You Need to Know About September 23, 2016 and the Monumental Event They Foretell?!

UPDATE AT 5: At least they have a suspect in custody.