Monday, September 12, 2016


Walking pneumonia?


All of the attempts of mainstream media outlets to treat with contempt those who question Hillary's health won't work. People can see for themselves that the woman has serious health issues. The more this is spun by Hillary supporters the worse THEY look.

Pro tip: In order for contempt to work, there has to be a certain level of respect for the one who is showing the contempt. If that respect isn't there, well . . .

And we all know the truth here: If these health issues were plaguing Donald Trump, it would be 24/7 non-stop coverage by MSM.


And with absolute glee.

Zoomed In Video Shows She Was OUT COLD! Seriously, is anybody buying this?

Story Changes Again, Now Hillary's Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia, which raises 5 questions for Zerohedge

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign just made a massive error; we'll know within the next few weeks if the error will prove to be catastrophic

From Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert:

If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.

Too Many Questions Being Kept From The Public About Hillary’s “Situation”

Hillary played with her grandchildren after pneumonia diagnosis
(gg note: Remember this PSA about grandmothers who are careless with coughing around their grandchildren?

Then Ben Shapiro goes 'Boom!

And this hurts:

The health stories Hillary's media don't want us talking about:

David Seaman, the liberal HuffPost contributor who was fired for questioning her health, posts an EPIC YouTube video response, gives awesome definition of 'gaslighting'

Dr. Drew warns that with the symptoms Hillary has, she could suffer 'sudden death'

CNN cancels Dr. Drew's show one week after he questions Hillary's health

CNN pressured Dr. Drew 'like the Mafia' to retract Clinton health comments

Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease?

Email: Hillary Aide Reached Out To NFL And Rep Senator, Dr. Bill Frist, For Help With Her ‘Cracked Head’

Hillary's Coughing and the Debates

Hillary’s Documented Fainting Started in 2005

Hillary's had something cut out of her tongue; what was it?

Is Something Wrong With Hillary? Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health

MUST SEE: Photos of Hillary Clinton Propped Up on Pillows

There is something very wrong with Hillary

Why is Hillary wearing a wool coat in August?

And while we are talking about Hillary and 'health,' let's not forget what Hillary thinks about the 'health' of unborn babies.

Cecile Richards: ‘Hillary has always been in Planned Parenthood’s corner’

Eric Metaxas comments on Hillary Clinton's view that people who hold biblical views opposed to abortion will have to change

Hillary Clinton claims ‘The Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights’

Hillary Clinton proclaims “Abortion Goes to Who We are as Women, Our Rights and Our Autonomy”

Hillary Clinton promises to enact the greatest expansion of abortion funding in history

Mother Theresa once confronted Hillary Clinton over abortion