Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I have a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton and her smug statement about her 'stamina' during Monday night's debate.

No, Hillary Clinton, stamina is NOT the ability to sit on your . . . derriere for 11 hours to explain (and fail miserably) about your most epic failure as Secretary of State. No, the true definition of stamina is why you were compelled to appear before Congress in the first.

The true definition of stamina is that FOR 13 HOURS on September 11, 2012, many men and women were under vicious attack in Benghazi, Libya, and in a life and death battle. Those men and women had to cope with knowing that you would not take their 3 a.m. phone call, that you would go on to bed and catch some shut-eye, and that President Obama, when he was thru with his miffed phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu would not take their call either, that he would go on to bed as well to rest up for the next morning's round of golf followed by yet another fundraiser. Those brave men and women would lose four of their own and many would suffer serious injuries, yet they couldn't quit fighting because if they did, it was most likely ALL of them would have died.

No, Hillary Clinton. Sitting for 11 hours dodging and ducking, bobbing and weaving to avoid giving direct answers from Congressional questions with a bottle of water within reach is not stamina. But many of us pity you that what you smugly offer as the strongest proof of your strength is actually the most damning proof of your weakness.