Tuesday, September 20, 2016


"Allah has promised us the White House" claims Palestinian preacher

Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent

Creepy Clowns Are Terrorizing Children, Parents And Schools All Over America

‘Do No Harm Act' Would Forbid Religious Objection to ‘Any Healthcare’ Service

Earth Vulnerable to Major Asteroid Strike, White House Science Chief Says

Ford Moves All Small Car Production To Mexico

Global Bonds: Why Our Analyst Says Things Just Got “Monumental”

Hillary Hates You

Italy's PM Unloads On Deutsche Bank's Unfixable Problem: "Hundreds And Hundreds Of Billions Of Derivatives"

Judicial Watch finds emails that reveal Obama administration concerned about Freedom of Information Act requests involving Hillary Clinton’s missing emails from her tenure as Secretary of State

Knife-wielding attacker (who injured 9) in St. Cloud mall was a Somali

Le Deplorables: Donald Trump and the populist revolution sweeping America

Muslim Horde Storms Through Mall of American on Eid Al Adha Holiday

Navy Requires All Sailors to Undergo Transgender Education by July 2017

Obama thanks himself for saving the economy while ostensibly pinch-hitting for Hillary

"Panic Gasoline Buying" In Southeast Leads To "Massive Lines", Gas Shortages, Price Gouging

Quantum teleportation breakthrough as scientists send data across cities

Russia claims White House is defending ISIS

Study Finds Taxpayers Are Fleeing New York, Illinois and California

Trump: ‘Now, the Cars are Made in Mexico and You Can’t Drink the Water in Flint’

U.S. intelligence and spy agencies renew focus on the Kremlin

Video of Hillary Clinton’s IT “Stonetear/Paul Combetta” Deleting Incriminating Posts from Reddit

Why global nuclear war looks inevitable

x-diplomat predicts Trump win could lead Obama to back 2-state move at UN

YouTube Has Quietly Begun "Censoring" Journalists Who Criticize Government

Zogby: Trump Getting Support From the 'Forgotten Man'