Thursday, September 15, 2016


Another Obamacare Co-Op Folds, Leaving Only 6 Remaining

Big earthquakes linked to Earth-Moon-Sun alignments claims recent study

Candidate’s death could delay or eliminate the 2016 Presidential Election

Dr. Obama vouches for Hillary's health

Experts warn planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for 60 years

FBI's Acting Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs served subpoena for Hillary's full investigative file during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing

Ghosts of September


In 72 hours Hillary has; called 50% of Trump supporters Deplorables, had a seizure in public, announced she has Pneumonia, and attacked Pepe the frog officially on her website. This can’t be real life.

JOKE! The Real U.S. Unemployment Rate Will Blow Your Mind

Kleins await ruling from appeals court

List of Islamist Nations Who Gave Hillary $143 million in August Alone is Unreal

Many legal ammo manufacturers now deemed “criminals” under new Obama regulations

North Dakota: Ancient burial and prayer sites bulldozed for pipeline

Obama, VA driving vets to suicide (yet Obama to Spend $4.6 Million to Give ‘Emotional Wellness’ to Refugees)

Pakistan announces first-ever war games with Russia; Pakistan, China, Russia axis looms

Quantum radar developed by China can beat the stealth technology of modern military craft

"Rampant Fraud" Exposed In Obamacare Exchanges: 100% Of Fictitious Enrollees Obtained Subsidies

Saudis Threaten US: "Passage Of Sept 11 Law Will Lead To Instability, Chaos And Extremism"

Trump fires back at Obama: Shouldn't you be at work? Lists 5 crucial problems facing the U.S. right now that President Obama should be focused on rather than out campaigning for Hillary

USGS upgrades Pawnee earthquake to M5.8, making it Oklahoma’s largest earthquake ever

Visualizing The (Massive) Size Of The US National Debt

When Hillary collapsed this weekend so did her credibility. Her inability to just be straight with America is what's truly Deplorable - Piers Morgan (writing op ed piece for Daily Mail)

x-State Department Official: Security Aid Deal Could Serve as ‘Trigger Mechanism’ for New Obama-Led Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiative

"Yellen should be ashamed," Trump Slams Fed's "False Stock Market"

Zuckerberg's Facebook censors video of mass arrests at Dakota pipeline