Thursday, August 25, 2016


Pretty sure we are seeing the One World Super Church right on the horizon.

Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

I see the formation of a super world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic church, joining politically hand in hand, creating one of the most powerful religious forces on earth. --The Vision, 1973

Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren Prays Divine Mercy Chaplet, Watches EWTN

Petrus Romanus To Have Historic Meeting With Russian Patriarch To Mend 1000-Year Old Division

Pope Francis travels to Sweden to participate in a major commemoration of the Protestant Reformation

Protestants and Catholics in Vancouver (Canada) to Hold Ecumenical “Weekend of Protestant and Catholic Discovery”

Same-sex marriage is uniting Evangelicals and Catholic

The Pope and Hillsong will unite "Together 2016" in Washington D.C.

The One World Religion Cometh: Pope Francis Warmly Welcomes Top Islamic Cleric To The Vatican

U.S. Lutherans approve historic agreement with Catholic Church

C. Ervana noted on August 21st that an ecumenical gathering, one of the largest and longest between the three monotheist faiths, will happen from September 4-23, 2016. This will involve Pope Francis, and the meeting will take place in Jerusalem. I have embedded her YouTube below.

As the Pope readies for this historic meeting, Italy is shaken by a deadly earthquake.

AUG 24: Major Quake Devastates Italian Mountain Towns, 73 Dead And Thousands Left Homeless

Italy Earthquake: Death Toll 120, Severe Damage in Apennines

Interestingly, Ditrianum had just forecasted the possibility of a large earthquake between August 20 and September 4. He suspected an earthquake of magnitude between 6 and 7 between the 20th and 22nd. I would think the 6.2 in Italy on the 23rd is close enough.

Earthquake Forecast 20 August - 4 September 2016: Very Large Seismic Movement Expected, HAVE AN EARTHQUAKE PLAN READY

And perhaps we need to FLASHBACK TO SEPTEMBER 23 OF LAST YEAR:

Pope Francis Responds to Critics Calling Him The Anti-Christ

Much was anticipated for September of last year, especially around September 23. I happened to see a few minutes of the Jim Bakker show yesterday and Michael Snyder was Bakker's guest. Snyder was talking about September of last year and how many were watching, primarily because the dividing of Jerusalem via a resolution by France was supposed to be proposed at the U.N.'s annual General Assembly but was postponed at the request of the U.S. While Snyder did not say why it was postponed, I personally think that President Obama wanted to try in his last year in office to find a way to finally force Benjamin Netanyahu to submit to Obama's will concerning the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Snyder believes that this postponement of France's resolution may have hit some sort of 'pause' button. And while the world and the U.S. has certainly had turmoil (think European rape crisis and terrorist attacks, Brexit, economic turmoil, and historic flooding and wildfires here in the U.S.), we've not had any devastating calamity (calamities). But now, I'm seeing September dates pop up again. And with this news that Pope Francis will be in Jerusalem and holding an interfaith meeting on September 23rd to show that Jerusalem belongs to all three monotheistic faiths, I find it interesting that September 23rd was the date to watch last year. Perhaps we should be watching it this year again.


The Pope will be considered more of a political than a spiritual leader . . . of this great union. --The Vision, 1973

Pope: Islam And Christianity Share ‘Idea Of Conquest’

Pope Francis’ Jihad on Christianity

Pope Francis Demotes Jesus Christ to Third, and Claims Mary as the Source of Our Hope

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