Friday, August 12, 2016


Harvest Army has put out a second YouTube warning of a major quake coming to the United States.

The first warning was given July 17, and reported on this blog on July 22.

I find this preacher a little bit hard to understand, but if you listen closely he speaks of a coming 'dreadful' earthquake that will 'expand.' It is worth noting two things.

First, this blog has reported various earthquake prophetic words since beginning in August of 2009. In fact, one of my very first blog posts ever was on what David Wilkerson had to say about coming earthquakes. Of all the earthquake prophetic words, only the ones about the coming New Madrid earthquake would qualify as 'expanding.' The Cascadia does not expand because it is a subduction system, which means it 'slips under.' The San Andreas may separate, even significantly, in places, but it is not a faultline that would 'expand.' The New Madrid is a rift valley, which means it 'pulls apart.' (I've written multiple posts about this.) Even though I am concerned that this is the 'dreadful' earthquake that will 'expand,' I CANNOT be adamant about this. This preacher does not specifically mention the New Madrid, so I cannot insist that it is.

Second, this blog has watched each and every approaching United Nations General Assembly meetings because of President Obama's hatred of Israel. Virtually all of the prophetic words about the coming New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake are connected to the dividing of Israel. This seems most likely to happen, or at least be voted on, by those nations that attend the United Nations General Assembly meetings every September. We've been hearing for months now that Obama's anger at Israel could result in a resolution to divide Israel, and Jerusalem, is possibly back in play for this upcoming session. With the giving of this prophetic word by Harvest Army that a 'dreadful' earthquake that will 'expand' is coming 'shortly,' I can't help but wonder if it is connected to this upcoming session of the United Nations, especially since it will be occurring 'shortly.' Their website has the date of the opening session on September 13. Again, however, since the preacher does not mention the United Nations meeting, I cannot be adamant that there is a connection.

What the preacher does say is that this earthquake is coming because the Lord is 'grieved' with this country, that our sin has 'grieved' Him.

This blog has posted numerous warnings from Rev. Franklin Graham (and his sister Anne) that our country is becoming more and more rebellious and openly hostile towards God.

Franklin warnings

In fact, he gave a warning, again, just a few days ago. The Christian Post reported Rev. Graham's comments on Vice President Joe Biden conducting the marriage of two men.

Graham warned that the nation will face consequences for its actions. "Sadly, as a nation we have a reputation for celebrating what God has defined as sin, and there will be a price to pay."

The preacher quoted the Bible as evidence of his claims. "Woe to the sinful nation, a people whose guilt is great, a brood of evildoers … given to corruption! They have forsaken the LORD; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on him" (Isaiah 1:4).

Franklin Graham on Joe Biden Performing Gay Marriage: Nation Celebrates What God Says Is Sin

The YouTube is short, only 2 minutes.


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