Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Two posts today: this one and War Warnings Part 1 below.

Bill Koenig noted at his site that a major conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church was meeting in New Orleans August 8-13. These two screen captures show their topics of discussion as relating to Israel.

The Weather Channel is noting that a stationary system set up on August 11 and 20" to 31" of rain fell in 3 days.

By August 15, over 20,000 had been rescued.

By August 16, over 30,000 had been rescued.

By August 17, over 60,000 need federal help for damaged homes.

This should be Obama's Katrina, but I'm sure he doesn't think so. And his lapdog media are letting him think that.

While Louisiana floods and Milwaukee burns, Obama goes golfing, then parties late into the night.