Friday, August 26, 2016


Here are some great questions.

Are Nonstop Muslim Atrocities the 'New Norm'?

Are We Close To Seeing Economic Carnage Unfold?

Can a burgeoning satanic movement actually effect political change?

Could the Deep State be Sabotaging Hillary?

Could we survive a ZOMBIE outbreak?

Did Turkish President Erdogan Just Use a False Flag to Justify Invading Syria?

Do state legislatures matter anymore?

Do you know how to stop 14 econo-financial asteroids at once?

How much do wind turbines cost?
(gg note: You should care. Taxpayers pay for a lot of these.)

“If the media didn’t care about the lack of college among black men supporting Obama, why do they care so much about the lack of college among white men supporting Trump?” --Mike Rowe

Is anthrax responsible for the death of 50 Baffin caribou in the Arctic after outbreak in Russia and Sweden?

Is China Getting Ready to Build Its Own Lethal Tomahawk Cruise Missiles?

Is Obama's refusal to explain more about the money sent to Iran tyranny?

Is Hillary Clinton a Brain-Damaged Invalid?

Is something wrong with Hillary? Is she having seizures?

Is World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll Across The Border As Turkish Invasion Of Syria Begins

Obama Provides Iran With $1.3 Billion, But Where Did The Money Go?

Social Justice or Revenge?

Tell me again how Liberals don’t want to force churches to accept homosexuality?

Was The Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony An Illuminati Ritual Intended To Honor Satan?

What would our religious leaders say if America’s 94 largest cities were “nuked?

Why Are Progressives On An Anti-Christian Witch Hunt?

Why did the State Department draw 13 payments from the Treasury one cent below a hundred million bucks?

Why Is There Suddenly Such A Huge Push For ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Technology?

Why the Rush to Draft America’s Daughters?

Will Obama's Transgender Bathroom Edict Lead to an Increase in Homeschooling and Private Schooling?

Will The United States Collapse Due To An Internal Societal Meltdown?

Will We Reach 4,000 Days Since a Major Hurricane Strike?


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