Friday, August 19, 2016


Two posts today: this one and War Warnings Part 3 below.

For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. --Isaiah 60:12

Our people are suffering:

America's death rate rises for the first time in years, surprises experts

America's older generation faces dismal retirement years

The Startling Truth About How Working Families Are Truly Faring In This Economy

Half Of US Households Are "Financially Fragile"

Overwhelmed By Debt, Nearly 1 In 5 Young Adults Live With Their Parents Or Grandparents

Unable to afford funeral costs, Americans are donating their bodies to medical science in record numbers

America, you will go insane because of what your eyes will see

Our cities are suffering:

Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend As The Collapse Of Chicago Accelerates

Fundamentally transformed: City after city sees rising crime rates

Milwaukee burns, Louisiana floods, Obama golfs

Obama’s plan to reintegrate ex-convicts into society raises crime fears

Police department survey shows violent crime up in major cities

U.S. experts stumped as rape and violent crimes soar in major U.S. cities

Our land is suffering:

Algae blooms in America are increasing at an alarming rate

Are the beasts of the earth becoming more aggressive?

Dangerous giant hogweed is spreading across America, and you should know it can blind you

America's most important aquifer, the Ogallala in the center of the U.S., is showing alarming signs of collapse

California's unprecedented Blue Cut wildfire:

82,000 evacuated and 18,000 acres torched to the ground: State of emergency declared in southern California over terrifying wildfire

Monster 'Blue Cut' fire sweeping Southern California is zero percent contained: Nearly 100,000 people under evacuation warnings

Louisiana's historic flooding:

Does Obama care about black people? Louisiana newspaper asks Obama to cut short his golfing vacation

Jeh Johnson Tells Flooded La., 'The President Can't Be Everywhere'; 'He Has a Very Busy Schedule'

Louisiana so flooded caskets are coming out of the ground and floating down the streets

Not even worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy can keep Obama from the golf course

Over 30,000 rescued from Louisiana's floodwaters

White House claims there is no need for Obama to stop golfing to address the horrible Louisiana flooding


First Zika Virus-Related Death in the US Reported

Officials Go Door to Door Asking for Urine Samples During U.S. Zika Outbreak

Troubling research shows Zika could affect adult brains

Zika reportedly now spreading in Miami Beach

"Zika Zone" Turns Into Ghost-Town As Planes Spray Neurotoxic Insecticide Over Florida Residents