Monday, August 8, 2016


While we are all watching the multiple open hostilities publicly taken by Obama toward Donald Trump, we can't lose sight of the multiple open hostilities from Obama and his administration toward Israel.

It is ongoing and relentless.

U.S. Anger At Israel Could Result In A UN Security Council Resolution Establishing A Palestinian State

Former White House Official: State Department’s Latest Assault on Israel Indicates Obama Administration Seeking Even Greater Distance From Jewish State

Former Obama Aide Ross: WH Made 'Conscious Decision' to Keep Israel Distant

State Department Objects to Jewish Homes in Jerusalem

So why has Obama been hammering Israel for so long? (Washington Post)

And it could come back to bite us.

12 Shocking Proofs That Disaster Strikes America When It Mistreats Israel

13 times God judged the U.S. for interfering with Israel

As Obama Has Done to Israel - John McTernan

The Approaching Cataclysm with David Brennan (46 minute YouTube)


AIPAC Allies Weakened Pro-Israel Language in 2012 GOP Platform; Changes made to narrow difference between parties over Israel

BDS Groups at Stanford Hatching ‘Big Plans’ Against Israel Despite Opposition From Student Majority

Black Lives Matter Platform Accuses Israel of ‘Genocide’

Israeli Minister Says Facebook a 'Monster,' Hindering Security

Moral Equivalence has become a Moral Atrocity

Obama sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu

Obama Questions The Necessity Of Israel Maintaining Military Superiority In The Region After Stalled Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia

Pence: ‘World must know US stands with Israel’

Senate Democrats Blocking Pro-Israel Effort to Combat Jewish Boycotts

State Dept Admits It Never Tells Countries Other Than Israel To Show Restraint In Response To Terrorism

State Department Misleads Congress on Extent of Anti-Israel Bias at United Nations

The Fruits of Subversion
(gg note: Very insightful article that includes information about the role Ben Rhodes has played in helping to advance President Obama's radical foreign policy goals toward Israel and toward Iran, and the role Leon Panetta played in keeping the Israelis at bay.)

The Presbyterian Church USA's Obsession With Israel

The Seagull: Israel unleashes first torpedo-firing unmanned sea vessel

The year the Democrats turned against Israel

University of London Panel Calls for Annihilation of Israel as Solution to Global Antisemitism

UK Joins Germany And France To Condemn Israel As World’s Only ‘Violator Of Health Rights’

UNESCO panel to vote on controversial Jerusalem resolution

Netanyahu slams Hollande for backing ‘shameful’ UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

Video of Palestinian man trying to get Israeli police to shoot his 4-year-old son shook Benjamin Netanyahu to his core

FLASHBACK, GOLDA MEIR: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. (ggnote: attributed to Meir though the direct source cannot be found.)