Wednesday, August 3, 2016


UPDATE WORTH NOTING: $400 million airlifted to Iran as 4 Americans were freed

Part 1 here.

$1 million to Honduran woman who flew to New Jersey to give birth to a 'Zika baby'

$1.2 million grant from State Department for superhero cartoons for kids in Pakistan

$1.1 million by NASA to study how alien life would impact Christianity

$1.4 million in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood EVERY DAY

$1.75 Million to Pay For Jobs, Housing for ‘Justice-Involved’ Youth by DOJ, HUD

$2 million spent by TSA on PR and advertising to improve image

$2.5 million in the hole for DNC's as convention costs loom

$3 million from taxpayers for Obama's Paris climate trip

$3 million a year from United Way affiliates to Planned Parenthood

$3 million to treat TB in migrants located to Wisconsin

$3.6 million for Obama's hotel and motorcade in Riyadh

$5 million to Planned Parenthood to teach children as young as 5 the value of abortion

$7.1 million spent by Trey Gowdy's committee to investigate Benghazi

$11 million in 11 offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands for John Kerry and his wife alleges Panama Papers

$11 million spent on guns and ammo by IRS in last 10 years

$17 million taxpayer dollars for Chelsea Clinton's apartment

$20 million for art for the VA amid vet care scandal

$21 million on a variety of programs in 11 communities nationwide with the focus of helping young refugees find summer work

$25 million from Obama to help the Philippines adapt to rising sea levels and extreme weather caused by climate change

$30 million from Planned Parenthood to candidates who support abortion

$32 million cut by Obama administration to study earthquakes in California

$79.6 million grand total so far for Obama's travel expenses for luxury vacations, golf outings and fundraisers

$100 million per year in attempts to destabilize Russia testifies Nuland to Congress

$140 million a year to terrorists and their families by Palestinian Authority

$157 million made by state of Pennsylvania selling information from driver's licenses

$336 million cut from veterans’ prescriptions to pay for 3,000 additional Afghan interpreters to be resettled in the U.S.

$500 million allotted to Zika response diverted by Obama to U.N. climate fund

$561 million of EPA research is swirling the bowl

$617 million to Detroit Public schools in Obama handout

$800 million by U.S. Navy to 12 major high tech defense contractors to develop new systems to integrate the different functions needed to wage and defend against electromagnetic war