Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Attorneys Intend to Ask for 'the Clinton Deal'

Baltimore saw steep fall in police numbers as murder rate soared

Child care costs are soaring

Dallas Massacre: This Is The Kind Of Civil Unrest That I Have Been Warning Is Coming To America

Exploiting dead police officers to promote #BlackLivesMatter; Obama goes obscene at memorial service

FBI’s James Comey destroyed by Trey Gowdy over Hillary Clinton’s ‘Intent’

Gitmo Detainee Just Released By Obama Is Member Of Al Qaeda And Part Of Bin Laden Group

House Panel Takes Aim at Boeing Deal: ‘Weaponizing the Iranian Regime’

Islamic Rape Culture and Police Forces’ Non-Response

June Gun Sales Crush Previous Record

Killer Robot Used by Dallas Police Opens Ethical Debate

Lynching of America - Daily Crow

Most extreme pro-abortion WH contender in history … Hillary

National Association of Police Organizations Lashes Out at Obama

Ordained African-American Minister Asks "What If Whites Strike Back?"

PANIC buying of groceries by Italians - in New Jersey?

'Queer Kids Stuff' videos indoctrinate preschoolers

Remembering Entebbe

Social Security’s Gargantuan Fiscal Shortfall

The Transformative Power of Live Stream Video: It’s Not Black and White

UFO? Meteor? China's falling space station? NASA cuts feed of object near ISS

Vermont Admits Seventeen Refugees Diagnosed With Active TB

War On The Streets Of America: Protesters Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over The Nation

x-soldier Kills 5 Officers in Dallas, Setting US on Edge

Yellowstone Caldera Activity Returns, M1.9 Earthquake 3 small quakes not reported

Zika death in Utah is first in U.S.