Monday, June 27, 2016



Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Clinic Regulations

US Supreme Court hands major victory to abortion rights movement

America, post-Orlando:

Gutfeld: Orlando’s doom. The most depressing article you will ever share

In Wake of Orlando Pope Francis makes apology to gay people and says the Catholic Church must seek forgiveness for the way it treated them in the past – No Mention of Islam

Why Doesn’t the Left Respect Omar Mateen Identifying as an ISIS Terrorist?


We Just Witnessed The Greatest One Day Global Stock Market Loss In World History

Forget the lifeboat, it's the iceberg that counts

Leave Voters Suffer Widespread Abuse As Media Focuses on ‘Brexit Racism’

John McTernan: God’s Final Judgment on the European Union

Harvest Army: Brexit fulfills prophecy given February 6, 2015

France, post peace summit:

One Million People Rise Up In France Amid Media Blackout

France Begin Mass Arrests Amid Huge Revolution

Garbage Buries France As Labor Strikes Continue

Is Paris burning? Recurring violence dogs France's image


Kerry in Rome for tense Netanyahu meeting

New Madrid:

14 earthquakes hit Tennessee and Missouri in the New Madrid Seismic Zone in 24 hours

West Virginia flooding:

West Virginia braced for more destruction: Flash flood warnings issued for 22 counties after deadly waters swept away 200 homes, left 18,000 without electricity and killed 26


As OKC held its gay pride parade yesterday, a tremendous thunder and lightning storm came thru with record rainfall -- 2.3" for June 26. We smashed the old record of 1.7" set 1985.

OKC Pride parade spirits not dampened by downpour