Friday, June 17, 2016


Are you sure about that?

WH Spokesman: 'Our Country Is Safer Than It Was 8 Years Ago'

USA Today: Obama Tops All Presidents Ordering Flags to Half-Staff, has lowered it 66 times during his presidency

More Orlando blame game:

Benjamin Netanyahu blames terrorists who hate freedom

Bernie Sanders blames anything and everyone BUT Islam

Dem Representative Blames Second Amendment For Orlando Terror Attack: “This Is Not About ISIS, This Is About Guns In America"

Dem Senator blames Anti-LGBT Laws

Florida bishop blames 'Catholic contempt' for shootings

John McCain blames President Obama, says Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando massacre because he allowed rise of ISIS – and then walks it back!

Mateen's father blames nightclub's 'poor security' for not stopping his son from killing 49 people

NRA blames the terrorists for terrorism

NYT blames Republicans, claims Republicans are driving bigotry for political gain

Obama blames gun rights supporters, claims they are choosing terrorism

Obama blames Republicans for not passing more gun laws, "We'll see more massacres."

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen blames . . . himself

Pakistani press blames Jews
(gg's just curious: Raise your hand if you didn't see this one coming.)

Reporter Blames North Carolina’s Transgender Bathroom Bill For Orlando Terrorist Attack

Nailed it!

Bill Randles: Florida; Why Blame Christians? …moral inversion

Brandon Smith: Orlando Victims Died Because They Were Unarmed – Not Because They Were Gay

Caroline Glick: Is ISIS a GOP franchise?

Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Privilege killed 49 People in Orlando

David Horowitz: Obama’s Question: What’s In A Name?

Rev. Graham to Obama: How Many Americans Must Die 'Before You Understand The Threat Radical Islam Is'?

Something to think about:

Orlando Pride “Famous Throughout The Land”


GG Note:

We are repeatedly hearing that President Obama keeps claiming that there is no 'link' or 'connection' between ISIS and Omar Mateen, therefore, it is difficult to prove that Mateen's motive for the shooting was Islamic ideology.

If that is the bar, to find a link FROM ISIS TO MATEEN, or, for that matter, from ISIS to ANY TERRORIST who commits an act of terrorism here in the U.S. (or elsewhere), then, most likely, a link will NEVER be found. It seems this administration refuses to consider inspiration as a motivating factor.

I believe that this is the only way President Obama can keep from looking like a complete and utter failure.

Let's look at it this way.

Most organizations that have huge numbers of employees will often hold annual meetings to recognize employees who have done outstanding work. These award banquets and recognition events are designed for a number of purposes, only two of which we need consider here. One, they are to present awards. Two, these awards are meant to INSPIRE other employees to try and achieve the same level of recognition. It is simply not possible to 'touch base' with each and every employee to personally inspire them. It is hoped that employees will desire to achieve recognition and, therefore, will strive of their own volition to attain recognition.

That's the way I see Omar Mateen. This administration's ONLY criteria for establishing that Mateen was inspired by ISIS was that ISIS had to have contacted Mateen personally in some way. This is unrealistic. It is clear not only to me but a whole lot of others that a motive for Mateen was to 'become somebody' to ISIS, to achieve recognition. While many Americans feel nothing but revulsion for ISIS and its Islamic ideology, Mateen and the San Bernardino shooters and Nidal Hassan and others do not. They want, crave?, validation from ISIS, and unfortunately for the rest of us, validation means acts of deadly violence against those who do not adhere to Islamic teachings. In other words, us infidels.

While this administration is busy sniffing their noses that such a criteria would even be suggested, they are tone deaf that most Americans really don't care who contacted whom for 'inspiration.' All that matters to most Americans is that nearly 100 Americans have been killed by Muslims in this country under President Obama's watch.

Radical Islamists Have Killed 94 On American Soil, More Than All Other Extremists Combined, Since 9/11

Not good news in light of this . . .

Obama's legacy: ONE MILLION Green Cards to Migrants from Majority-Muslim Countries

NOW we learn that Obama's 'fundamental transformation of America' is that it isn't Muslim enough to suit him.

And it really is a problem that President Obama gets quite defensive when people point out Islamic teachings could be a motivating factor. In fact, Donald Trump, who has never been defended on this blog, was actually right this past week to point out that Obama got more mad at him (Trump) than at Mateen.

Trump: President Obama ‘Was More Angry at Me Than He Was at the Shooter’

Of course, there may be a reason for that.

FLASHBACK APRIL 2013: Can a President Who Has Promised to Stand with the Muslims Protect Americans?