Wednesday, June 1, 2016


When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

David Wilkerson, Racing Toward Judgment (pg 67):

God's judgments have always begun at the "entrance gates" of nations, cities, and empires: "A cry of alarm will begin at the farthest gate . . . " (Zephaniah 1:10 LB). This is representative of the seaports, harbors, and centers of influx. It is significant that most of the Old Testament prophets warned of judgment beginning at the coasts. . . . Jeremiah, another prophet, warned nations that God's judgments begin as whirlwinds on the coasts of their lands, then spreading from one end to the other; (emphasis mine)

DEC 10: Adm. Stavridis: 'Great Risk' That Drug-Smugglers at Southern Border Could Also Move Terrorists

DEC 11: Larry Kudlow: I’ve Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas.

DEC 12: More than 10,000 unaccompanied minors stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border in the last two months

DEC 14: Honduran Sexual Predator Caught Illegally Re-Entering Texas Shortly After Deportation

DEC 16: National Enquirer shows how easy it is for terrorists to enter U.S. from southern border

DEC 16: Team led by Middle Eastern Woman Caught Surveilling U.S. Facility on Mexican Border

DEC 17: 3 incidents involving Middle Easterners along our porous southern border

DEC 30: Pakistanis With Ties To Terrorism Caught Crossing U.S Border

JAN 13: Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells,” Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico

JAN 21: Multiple Pedophile Sexual Predators Caught Sneaking into Texas from Mexico

JAN 27: Sen. Jeff Sessions Ties Heroin Epidemic to Lack of Border Security

JAN 27: It isn't just threats of terrorism and violence coming over the border, diseases once eradicated in the U.S. are reappearing

FEB 4: MS-13 foot soldiers use 'surge' to cross border, 'colonize new criminal territory'

FEB 4: Border patrol testifies before Congress that agents have been ordered to release any illegals they catch that state they have been here for a certain period of time

(NOTE: ON APRIL 19, the Washington Examiner reporter that this border patrol agent was 'probed by DHS' after testifying before Congress)

MARCH 10: Several hundred ranchers meet in New Mexico, angry about lack of border security and attacks made on some of them by hostile cartel members

APRIL 5: GOP Chairman: Islamic Terrorists Likely to Use Porous Southern Border to Infiltrate U.S.

APRIL 15: Number of Children Illegally Crossing Border Up 1,200 Percent Between2011 and 2014

APRIL 19: Obama's open-door immigration policy blamed for surge in rural gang crime

APRIL 22: 18,000 illegal aliens caught in 5 months - in single Texas sector

APRIL 26: Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them